29 January 2016

Debunking Flat Earth Theory With Pictures Of Skyscrapers And City Skylines From A Distance

Debunking Flat Earth Theory With Pictures Of Skyscrapers And City Skylines From A Distance

1.  The idea of flat earth is interesting, and there is enough people online pumping this theory, to look further.

2.  Looking further, from a distance that is… anyone who seen skyscrapers  or a city skyline from a distance… particularly on water… will notice that you cannot see the base of the buildings.

3.  If you cannot see the base of the buildings, that is because the earth is not flat… if it were flat, you would be able to see the base of the buildings from a distance, but you do not.

4.  New York City from a distance:


5.  Toronto from a distance, only the tops of tall building can be seen:

6.  Chicago from a distance:



Oh, there are more examples… but there are much more things to debate… and ultimately I do consider this subject to be somewhat of a distraction… from what?

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And so on…

Thanks for tuning in!

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