25 January 2016

Nibiru Sky Messenger – Indian in the machine

Nibiru Sky Messenger – Indian in the machine

There is something behind the sun that is changing everything.
New colours in the sky, heart and mind.
Red spinning ball over high, slowly making the mainstream news.
As humans compete and distract each other on the ground.
Shamanic voices whisper truths, as familiar and forgotten red dust falls from the sky.
Red heart within me wants to know why.
As the volcanoes spew, weather unusual, and the earth shakes and wobbles.
Red heart within, chooses to rise.
Bringing the feelings of spirit home to earth, creating heaven on earth.
As the surface burns, humans who choose, going through a beautiful spiritual rebirth.

Ascension Acceleration, Spirit Music, Expect Earth Changes, Messages From the Masters, Galactic Embassy, Health Wealth, Nibiru, Before It’s News

Indian in the machine: Archangel Uriel: Ascension News: See Sky Like Indian: Galactic Messages: Ionic Foot Bath Plates: Native Cosmic Music: Expect Earth Changes: 4th Density Updates: Nibiru Effects: Health Wealth: Nesara Developing: Photon Belt Entry: The Event

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