24 January 2016

As Nibiru “Enters The Room”, Earth Wobbles And Jet Stream Becoming “Extreme”, Creating Multiple Giant Vortices And Jet Stream Tornados

East Coast And West Coast Getting Slammed With Unusual Weather, And Few Know True Reasons: As Nibiru “Enters The Room”, Earth Wobbles And Jet Stream Becoming ”Extreme”, Creating Multiple Giant Vortices And Jet Stream Tornados


From the Daily Mail, we have reports of both coasts getting slammed by stormy weather… but consider that El Nino is not to blame… there’s nothing El Nino about all this unusual weather developing all around us…  El Nino, is a coverup, of the true reasons, that just might have to do with Nibiru, according to Zetas.

  • The West Coast is continuing to be slammed with storms thanks to El Nino
  • In northern California, Pacifica declared a state of emergency Friday
  • A sinkhole and a severely damaged sea wall are part of the destruction in the city from the wild winter weather 
  • City Manager Lorie Tinfow said: ‘El Nino is hitting the city’s coastline very hard and creating almost daily reports of impacts to … property’ 


As the East Coast is hit with one of the most powerful storms in recent years, the West Coast is continuing to be slammed with storms thanks to El Nino.

The city of Pacifica in northern California declared a state of emergency Friday after continuous El Nino storms slammed into the city’s coastline,KNTV reported.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3414023/Meanwhile-California-El-Nino-batters-West-Coast-one-bay-area-city-forced-declare-state-emergency.html#ixzz3yBzcV7DI
Even Europe… Now Storm Jonas is on its way to the UK bringing gale force winds and 20cms of rain and as severe weather warning is issued

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3414023/Meanwhile-California-El-Nino-batters-West-Coast-one-bay-area-city-forced-declare-state-emergency.html#ixzz3yC1yEuia

1.  Watch This Video And Witness The Extreme Jet Stream Yourself! We Are Watching Global Weather Changing Before Our Eyes.

Higher Truth Channel: WoW! West Coast Storm Has Multiple Vortices / Solar Radiation Too High!

“How can you truly be honest, with what is happening to the jet stream”… and so the weather channels are going to down play this, and blame it on El Nino, or some other excuse.

Jet Stream is now folding back upon itself…. counter clock-wise multiple vortices like storms, as large as two or three states… circulating against the jet stream!

2.  Zetatalk – Jet Stream Tornados Form When Nibiru “Enters The Room”, And Daily Earth Wobble

Erratic changes in weather are connected to jet stream tornados.  Imagine the earth jet stream is just like a room with smoke… if someone walks into the room, the smoke gets disturbed… and so the earth jet stream is disturbed because Nibiru has ‘walked into the room’.


The ‘lower jet stream’ theory is not complete…the Zetas say:

“We asserted at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that the Jet Stream would be affected by the approach of Planet X, aka Nibiru and that this rather than a lowered Jet Stream was responsible for the increasingly erratic weather. We asserted a decade ago that Jet Stream tornados were caused by the daily Earth wobble. Without admitting that Nibiru exists, mankind struggles to explain the erratic weather and tides. Under the influence of an increasingly violent Earth wobble, blending of the seasons has almost becoming the norm. Now the establishment is faced with yet another example that the Jet Stream is rising and dropping erratically – volcanic dust carried half way around the world. ”


3.  Learn About Extreme Jet Streams Via Zetatalk:

* ZetaTalk Accuracy, It Just Doesn’t Stop!


Jet Stream
And what about the atmosphere?
Are we getting vortexes in the atmosphere, in the jet stream? We are indeed!
On Jul 15, 1995 the Zetas stressed that the warming oceans were cause by a warmer Earth core, not Global Warming, as heat rises.
And a warmer ocean of course affects the jet stream overhead.

ZetaTalk: Heralding, written July 15, 1995



So we have air turbulence due to warmer oceans.
But a second and more important factor affecting the jet stream is an Earth wobble.

ZetaTalk: Weather Wobble, written Dec 6, 2004



On May 25, 2005 the Zetas detailed how Jet Stream tornados were caused by the Earth wobble, increasing since 2004.

ZetaTalk: Jet Stream Tornadoes, written May 25, 2005


We have stressed, at the very start of the ZetaTalk saga, that the weather would get increasingly extreme, with droughts and deluges occurring and switching about in an unpredictable manner, and that this included unpredictable changes in the jet stream. The jet stream is affected primarily by the rotation of the Earth, the slow roll, which pulls the Earth under her blanket of air and creates swirling in the temperate regions, the prevailing Westerlies, as cold air from the poles rushes to drop into voids created by this motion. The jet stream is affected secondarily by warm and cold spots, warm over land masses that are more quickly heated or cooled than the ocean, which can circulate and maintain a more even distribution within its depths. Hot air is lighter than cold, and rises, cold heavier and drops, thus the storm systems attempting to equalize the density of air. The temperature and density and direction of air masses can be determined, and thus the weatherman has historically offered predictions, but these predictions have become increasingly difficult, in part because of the Earth wobble which jerks the Earth about under her mantel of air, often at cross currents to the jet stream. …


On May 26, 2006 scientists confirmed that they had no answer for the changes in the jet stream, which are in fact making droughts more intractable.

So do the Zetas have an explanation where the weatherman does not, and predicted this ahead of time?
That the Earth wobble so well documented by ZetaTalk fans pulls the Earth under its mantel of air, creating cross currents?
Hey, what can I say! Zetas RIGHT Again!

Source and this page has much more info on this subject… .incredible resource!


Prepare for continued weather extremes… efforts towards self-sufficiency, are probably a very good idea… as the weather becomes unpredictible, we can imagine corporations are too slow and cumbersome to manage themselves, unless they are willing to acknowledge the true causes of the wild weather… which is bound to throw off the corporate food supply.

A few news bits:

Story image for jet stream from New Scientist

Wavy air patterns mean UK’s extreme storms are here to stay

New Scientist-Dec 30, 2015
The warmer Arctic has made the north-south air temperature contrast smaller, which weakens the jet stream, and makes it more prone to being …
Jet Stream Buckling Or Folding Upon Itself

Weather Talk: Buckling of polar jet stream sends Arctic cold over us

INFORUM-Jan 15, 2016
The polar jet stream buckled and became high-amplitude, meaning it is very wavy and goes north and south a lot. We are caught in one of the …
Weather Extremes The New Norm?

Story image for jet stream from Mashable

Blizzard of 2016 lives up to the hype, and then some

Mashable-17 hours ago
The circulation around this low and the jet stream winds associated with it produced an area of strong lift in the atmosphere out ahead of it.
Winter storm inundates the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast
International-CNN-Jan 22, 2016

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North Pole Melting

Story image for jet stream from The Atlantic

The Storm That Will Unfreeze the North Pole

The Atlantic-Dec 29, 2015
In order for this huge, hot storm to reach Iceland on Wednesday, it’s punching right through the Jet Stream, the atmospheric “river” that brings …
Fierce Storm On Course to Slam Iceland, Northern UK With 
International-The Weather Channel-Dec 29, 2015

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El Nino?… nahhhhh!

Story image for jet stream from Bay Nature

It Hasn’t Been A Textbook El Niño Winter So Far — But That Could 

Bay Nature-Jan 19, 2016
Once the storm forms its path eastward is influenced by the Pacificjet stream, or jet streams, plural. Textbooks commonly diagram two separate …
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