22 January 2016

Nibiru Will Bring Destruction, Not Cataclysm… And Has Earthlike Planet That Will Be New Home For Ascended People, Explains Supreme Commander, Sananda (Aka Jesus)

Nibiru Will Bring Destruction, Not Cataclysm… And Has Earthlike Planet That Will Be New Home For Ascended People, Explains Supreme Commander, Sananda (Aka Jesus)

There are two other earths that are described, and many more earthlike planets.

One of the earthlike planets is in another galaxy… this is the earthlike ‘environment’ or ‘hologram’ in which, those of low vibration who interfere with the ascension of earth and it’s inhabitants, are removed.

The mystery of the earthlike planet on the other side of the sun, always perplexed me as a ‘bit too much’ (The Zetas have been mentioning even another earth on the otherside of the sun as a ‘dead twin earth’ that no longer is hospitable to life… but this but it’s a hard truth to accept, even for me haha…. however it does resonate as truth that if Nibiru exists, and is behind the sun, it has an earthlike planet.

The idea of the Nibiru system, having an earthlike planet, seems reasonable, if the Annunaki who came to visit earth, throughout history, had a homelike earthlike planet.

Sananda says this earth planet, may be the home to some of us… read his channel.. which was from 2011, and be heartful that dates like 2013 mentioned in this channeling, are often malleable due to, ‘timeline jumping’… where as we ‘progress’ in our ascension… we ‘push key events into the future’ to make more room for the mass ascension, that we all agreed to, before we were born.

Sananda in 2011:

LORD SANANDA:  Yes Tom, I can explain this to you.  I know this is a little bit confusing for everyone because many people have been taught down through the years that Neburu is a planet of destruction and will bring destruction to the earth.  Let me say that in a strange way I suppose yes, it will bring destruction to the earth because it will be the new home of the ascended people, and once Neburu is full of ascended people, then the earth will no longer be of use to them, and it will undergo its great change and there will be a destruction of the earth itself, as I have already mentioned in many transcripts, so in a roundabout sort of way you could say that Neburu does bring the destruction of the earth, but it will not be the planet itself, Neburu, crashing into the earth and causing some dreadful cataclysmic event, no, it won’t be like that.  Neburu is currently hidden behind the earth’s sun depending on what part of the planet you live.  Mostly it circulates in its own solar system and the solar system has been identified by astronomers as a new solar system with many stars and one sun living within it, and a planet which is earthlike as far as they can see, and you have to understand there is nothing like Hubble or any of the far-reaching telescopes that can reach this planet to prove to the astronomers what is there on the surface of the planet.  It is seen as a planet in its own right, it orbits, it has a sun.

Now, my Brother Ivor here, working with Ashtar, in a later transcript will identify to you what that sun is, but for the moment that will be occluded from the transcript because I do not wish to cause you confusion Tom, because you asked about the planet Neburu and the solar system.  Now, I hope that clears up any confusion for others who have also written about Neburu, and I also hope more importantly that it has cleared up any confusion that Neburu is a destructor of the earth, and as I have said, and I will reiterate, in a roundabout sort of way you could say that Neburu does bring the destruction of the earth but it will not be a cataclysmic event – it will slowly drift into the earth’s orbit, it will be there,  it will be foreseeable in the early part of 2013, you will see it, it will become much more visible to the human eye and the astronomers will be astounded at its beauty.”


By the way, Jesus aka Sananda, said he would prepare a new place for us… is it now in our solar system?

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