21 January 2016

Warnings Given To 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Of The World, Relate To “Truth Of Nibiru That Has Not Been Revealed”, As Told By St. Germain

Warnings Given To 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Of The World, Relate To “Truth Of Nibiru That Has Not Been Revealed”, As Told By St. Germain

1.  13 Indigenous Grandmothers prophecy, says we must learn to love one another.

Buddhi Maya Lama also known as Amama Bombo was born in the eastern part of the Bagmati zone of Nepal. She is a holy woman. She says, “Kali [female goddess] is not happy with what is going on in the world. She sees that humanity is lacking in good values, and she is not happy with the cruelty of the people, who have been killing each other every day just to fulfill their selfish egos. They are poisoning the Motherland and the sky. This has led to the suffocation of all the creatures, who are not allowed a fresh breath. Spirituality and its values have been subordinated to the ego and to injustice.”

The prophecy of the Grandmothers says we must learn again to love one another. The people who will survive [earth changes] are those who love and affirm life in every way. But we must be willing to make conscious changes in the way we view life and in our actions toward all of Creation.

Grandmother Clara of the Amazon says, “Humanity and the Earth are being cleansed of the accumulated negativity caused by humanity’s great orientation to the material world and to technology, which has caused us to lose our connection to the Spirit World and to nature.” Book source: Grandmother’s Counsel the World by Carol Schaefer

source  http://www.betseylewis.com/Earth_News_1.html

2.  St. Germain says this about Nibiru peace mission:

The Presence of Nibiru has many levels to it. First of all, it is an inhabited planet. It is not an empty ball of magnetic mass. It is a planet that is guided, just as much as the peoples of this world and this planet have been guided ever since the world began. Nibiru is coming again, not so much to create disaster, disease, starvation and hunger, but more to catalyze that shift that was predicted by the beings of ancient times, to correlate with the shift in consciousness that is already happening with beings who have reincarnated over and over again to get to this place in themselves where they are now able and willing to come into the experience of their Light Bodies from the soul outward.

The main reason for the presence of Nibiru, not only in this particular era, but also in all succeeding eras, was for humanity to understand that “You are Light.”

When humanity completely understands that “You Are Light,” then Nibiru will spin out of this Solar System and do its work elsewhere, wherever, it is wanted and needed. This is the truth of Nibiru, which has not completely been revealed.


Sooooooo….. it is looking like Nibiru is shaping up to be the big event that will help humanity awaken itself to Light…

Prophetic events and the events that come to pass, are about waking humanity up, rather than to scare us or punish us.  2016 is a time of high prophecy!

Nibiru/Planet X “Gently Announced” In The Mainstream News? What Signs Proceed “The Destroyer’s” Return, As Stated In Secret Bible? Cree Prophecy Revisited

Wild Unseasonable Weather + World Second Sun Sightings = Wake Up! ET Announcements Forthcoming

“Runaway Stars” In Headlines As Nibiru Appears Worldwide In Sky? Compare California, Indonesia And Mexico. “OMG People… Let’s Get Right With God”, “Possible Glorious Event Of Light” Developing Now!

Shadow Earth Governments Were Preparing For Spiritual Quickening, Photon Belt And Nibiru, To Take Over World, But They Are Being Removed Instead! Look Forward To Important World Announcements 

Indian in the machine (New song, “Spirit Meets West Coast Tribe”).

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