21 January 2016

Open Thy Eyes! Great Draco, God Of Human Parasites, Proudly Displayed In City Of London, And Commonwealth Flags And Coat Of Arms, All Over The World

Open Thy Eyes! Great Draco, God Of Human Parasites,  Proudly Displayed In City Of London, And Commonwealth Flags And Coat Of Arms, All Over The World

1. Great Draco, God of Human Parasites????

Montague Keen: Great Draco, the God of R K M – the largest parasite of Humans in History is proudly displayed for all to see in the City of London. R K M have held the world to ransom for 300 years. “R K M  the biggest anti Human Parasite, deceptive, inter-generational crime syndicate, world’s largest merchant of Drugs, War, Death, Poverty and Misery. It will not go down easily, it never keeps agreements. R K M hijacked US money system in 1913.” You see the evidence all around you, yet you continue to accept what “they” tell you rather than accept the evidence of your own eyes.


2.  Yes Great Draco WAS in the house!  When Queen E. visits City Of London… she has to bow down…

3.  Great Draco actually surrendered to the Light a few years ago, but the earth minions cannot accept their defeat even though their managers are no longer renegades.

Universe Stunned! Entire Archon Alliance Declares Peace! Sananda, AAMichael

4.  Great Draco in some Canadian province flags… see for yourself!

5.  Great Draco in some commonwealth country flags… see for yourself:

6.  Great Draco…. in ‘red lion’ coat of arms????? You may be surprised how far this has gone….


7.  Those old red lion coat of arms and Draco flags, are basically old war relics…

Ashtar Decodes Obama’s State Of The Union, Says Obama Told Humanity, 13, 000 Years Of Darkness Are Over! 

Shadow Earth Governments Were Preparing For Spiritual Quickening, Photon Belt And Nibiru, To Take Over World, But They Are Being Removed Instead! Look Forward To Important World Announcements 

In 2016, All Major Causes Of Human Misery Will End, Says Great Historical Figure 

The Essential Guide To Earth Sky Visitors, And The Unusual Sky 2016 

Breaking! Obama-Ashtar ET Message To Be Broadcast Via Television, Internet, Phone, and Remote Areas… Many New Advanced Technologies Forthcoming 

Illuminati Are Being Removed To Second Earth, In Another Galaxy… Latest Update And Research… “Absolute Peace” In Days Ahead! 

Basically, earth was the last staging grounds for galactic war, that has since turned into galactic peace… humans are catching on.

Indian in the machine

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