21 January 2016

January 2016 Strong Prophecy Signs! Monster Volcanic Eruptions, Libya Sky Turns Red, Second Sun Sightings, Giant Planets Announced!

January 2016 Strong Prophecy Signs! Monster Volcanic Eruptions, Libya Sky Turns Red, Second Sun Sightings, Giant Planets Announced!

1.  When blood drops from the earth… the destroyer will appear.  – Kolbrin Bible

Mountains will open up, and belch fire and ashes.

Story image for volcano from Express.co.uk

MONSTER ERUPTIONS: Panic as two volcanoes EXPLODE 

Express.co.uk-Jan 20, 2016
Although the two volcanoes are separated by around 3,000 miles, they are on interconnected tectonic plates – sparking fears of a major …



Mexico: ‘Fire’ Volcano erupts

euronews-Jan 18, 2016
Current Rating 1.0/5; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5. Current Rating 1.0. Mexico’s Colima or ‘Fire’ Volcanobursts to life spewing ash and gas high into the sky.

Story image for volcano from KABC-TV

Mexican volcano spewing ash, gas; residents ready to evacuate

KABC-TV-Jan 19, 2016
Residents living in San Nicolas de Los Ranchos near Mexico’s active Popocatepetl volcano were under a yellow alert on Tuesday, meaning …
Story image for volcano from National Post

Volcano erupts in Russia’s Far East, spewing ash for kilometres and 

National Post-Jan 19, 2016
MOSCOW — A volcano in Russia’s Far East has erupted, belching a plume of ash over eight kilometres above sea level, creating a possible …

Kamchatka volcano spews ash to height of 8 km

A 40000 Mile Volcano smoking underwater????

Story image for volcano from New York Times

The 40000-Mile Volcano

New York Times-Jan 11, 2016
Picture a volcano. Now imagine that its main vent extends in a line. Now imagine that this line is so long that it runs for more than 40,000 miles …

TASS-Jan 18, 2016

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2.  Libya urns blood red!  Zeta say red dust is related to debris coming from Nibiru.
Story image for red dust from RT

Seeing red: Sand storm sweeps across Libyan city (IMAGES)

RT-Jan 17, 2016
The port city of Tobruk on Libya’s eastern Mediterranean coast near Egypt has turned red, as a dust storm has smothered the area, according to …
3.  Blood red sky in Missouri
Story image for blood red sky from Sputnik International

Blood Red Skies Over St. Louis Arch

Sputnik International-Jan 8, 2016
… as dawn breaks in St. Louis, Missouri. The sky turned blood red, soaring above the Gateway Arch, the most recognizable landmark of the city.
4.  A great light appears redly in the skies!
5.  Not all prophecies are accurate… but there does appear to be a connection to these and others…
Listen to this prophecy from Kolbrin bible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYL9ezJ0ca0
6.  Giant planets announced!
7.  A month before January 2016, they announced giant comets ‘outside the solar system’… peeps, if this is true, then surely they can see the source of them… and if they announce new giant planets discovery, wouldn’t it be reasonable to at least see if there is a connection….

More dangerous to Earth than asteroids: Scientists WARNING of 60 

Express.co.uk-Dec 22, 2015
HUNDREDS of giant comets hurtling through space could crash into … of Buckingham say comets pose a much greater danger to life than …
Giant comets could pose danger to life on Earth
Astronomy Magazine-Dec 22, 2015
Giant comets could pose far-off danger to Earth, study reports
Highly Cited-Science Recorder-Dec 22, 2015
Hey peeps!  We are obviously in prophetic times… remember, to not take it personally, if there is a big cleansing going on, that involves celestial objects, and the burning up of the surface… the idea is not to freak you out, the idea is to get catalyze humans, to love… and apparently humans, need a big catalyst for that… why?  We were born into a prison planet… were everybody acted like reptilians… and now we are in times of prophecy that are guaranteed to wake up anyone, remaining on the surface, who wants to raise their collective frequency, until a new human era of peace and harmony begins.
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