15 January 2016

Please Welcome, Once Again, David Bowie! After His Physical Death On January 11th David Bowie Communicated From The Other Side Inviting People To Realize Their Full Potential Self… He Visits People In Dreamtime Now

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Please Welcome, Once Again, David Bowie! After His Physical Death On January 11th David Bowie Communicated From The Other Side Inviting People To Realize Their Full Potential Self… He Visits People In Dreamtime Now

Irma Kaye Sawyer: I was surprised that I was able to connect with him today as I was so emotionally impacted by his passing. I was told by my Guidance Team the Akashic Wisdom Keepers that he will be visiting many people especially in the next three days (and beyond,) primarily in the dream time. I’ve already heard from some people that he was featured in their dreams Sunday night, right after his departure. As I shared earlier today, there is a reason we are alive in a time to share space with so many great beings. Though it is hard to see them go, we must not lose faith. We must become the new great ones that the world needs. It is time to manifest our destiny and call forth our harvest. And so it is. (Laughing) I always had a bit of a God Complex didn’t I? Now I am God…well returned to Him/Her anyway. Me: What can we do in your honor? I invite people to realize their full potential Self. That’s what I did. – Bowie, 1.11.16 What I leave as a gift to my friends is a bit of genius and the courage to express it. That is needed in the world. It is not my genius however. It came from God. I always was a believer, even in the times when I didn’t think that I was. In the end (of one particular journey anyway,) it is not about influence, money or fame though I experienced all of those things. It is about love. That is the most important truth and legacy. I invite my friends to not grieve for me, but to celebrate all that we shared. I have been blessed by friends all over the world. I am so touched by your love. Love connects us now and always. If you need a Star Commander, look to your own selves. I was just one who helped open the door. – Bowie


Indian in the machine:  This channel feels authentic to me… does it feel authentic to your heart too? Remember, your mind thinks it knows… the heart knows.

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