15 January 2016

Andromedan Commander Mandr’l Says Humanity Trapped In Dualistic Thinking, People Are Abusive To Each Other, And Are In Denial About It

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Andromedan Commander Mandr’l Says Humanity Trapped In Dualistic Thinking, People Are Abusive To Each Other, And Are In Denial About It

Indian in the machine–  What do the beings ‘out there’ say about humans?  Well, Andromedan Commander Mandr’l (via Kathryn E May) says humanity is trapped in dualistic thinking.

Humankind is Trapped in Dualistic Thinking
M:  Humankind is trapped at the moment in dualistic thinking.  It will be quite a challenge, even with Prosperity flooding your planet, to pry yourselves away from the “us” versus “them” designations you place on almost everything.  For instance, most of your population believes that there is a cabal, or Illuminati, but that they are shadowy and unseen, not really affecting one’s own behavior or thinking.  Meanwhile, the entire “us” contingent, who think of themselves as the good guys, are behaving as selfishly and thoughtlessly as any cabal member, but deluding themselves about it.
Take for instance the high incidence of physical and psychological abuse within families.  Parents speak to each other and to their children with disrespect and contempt, but deny any tendency toward cruelty.  It is a very difficult stance to break through, this absolute denial of responsibility for one’s actions.  It is widely believed that if you say you are a good and loving person, and that your intentions are good, then it is true.  It is very sad that so much hurt is caused by this denial.  We hope to be able to work with the mentors who will soon be coming to Earth to create effective programs that will break through this and also the painful feelings of shame that seems so pervasive.
We have learned a lot from your work in the Temple of Light.  We will use a similar approach.  It was important for us to watch and learn when you worked with people who had been so damaged by their experience with the cabal, because we have little experience with feelings like shame, resentment, jealousy and hatred.  After our intensive observation and participation with humankind over the past 52 years, we are still fascinated and amazed by the labyrinth of intense feelings, complicated relationships, belief systems and self-aggrandizing story lines each individual is capable of constructing within their own separate and isolated sphere of Self.
So much revolves around the basic untruths people cling to, about themselves and the state of their world.  We are learning, but we continue to be in wonder about the tremendous amount of energy and time that is dedicated every day to this imaginative endeavor.  It is linked in our view of Earth humans with the tremendous powers of creativity that have produced your remarkable architecture, art, literature, music and dance, in addition to the artisans, the great chefs, the inventors, clothing designers and imaginative teachers and parents.  You have a very funny saying, “When you’re hot you’re hot.”  This is the way we see you, and it is the characteristic we hope will carry you through to your great triumphant Ascension.
These creative achievements are known to be very rare in most lower dimensional societies. We will take home with us an enormous library of what we hope is a representation of the great talents of many of you, but more appear every day!  It gives us hope that this tremendous creative force will be harnessed by your people to create the necessary shift in consciousness to carry your planet through your Ascension to the 5th dimension.
I have gone on and on, haven’t I?  I am so happy to be sharing these thoughts with you and with your readers, but I see that you are tired.  Perhaps we can continue this conversation in another message?  I haven’t yet told you about my beautiful ship.

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