14 January 2016

It Works! Two Ionic Foot Bath Testimonials… Those Who Say This Does Not Work, Often Lack Experience


It Works!  Two Ionic Foot Bath Testimonials… Those Who Say This Does Not Work, Often Lack Experience

IITM:  Two ionic foot bath testimonials, those who do not say this works, often lack actual experience… they go on scientifically, about the dangers, hazards and warnings.  Read these two testimonials… and as usual, see it resonates as truth.  I do recommend extra nutrition too if you have lots of ionic foot baths… try to go with a whole powder of moringa, or other high grade nutritional sources, rather than singular vitamins and minerals. 🙂


Testimonial #1: IONIC FOOT BATH HELPS WITH PAIN IN JOINTS A friend of mine noticed no pain in her joints after she had a demo but she was very skeptical. So she had another treatment days later. Sure enough…pain gone….. She purchased one. I must give a warning though. Take mInerals via Colloidal or Coral Calcium (Marine) containing 80 minerals / trace metals because you can become depleted through excessive use and break a bone if you fall… as happened to her…”in my opinion” as a Healer.

Testimonial #2 IONIC FOOT BATH HELPS WITH ACNE: Based on the fact that after 7 years of trying to get rid of my adult acne, my skin is now amazingly clear and healed after two months of ionic footbath sessions. I am also less tired and much more focused. That’s proof enough for me. If you’ve never tried it for a few sessions, you simply cannot claim it does not work.

You can order your ionic foot bath plates from Indian in the machine who has stood by this healing modality because after 100’s of testimonials from people, he knows it is useful for weight loss, heavy metal detox, rebalance body chemistry, chemotherapy, arthritis and much more: http://www.indianinthemachine.com/2014/08/08/safely-detox-with-ionic-foot-bath-plates/



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