09 January 2016

Social Media Spirituality Replacing Religion: Looking For The Wise, The Powerful And The Loving, As You Learn To Overcome Death, Towards Eternal Life

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Social Media Spirituality Replacing Religion: Looking For The Wise, The Powerful And The Loving, As You Learn To Overcome Death, Towards Eternal Life

People used to go to church for wise, powerful and loving experiences… now we using social media to self activate, towards eternal life. 

The trends…

The rise of social media:


I share with you the simple and true premise, that social media is replacing religion.

I share with you the notion that many people are becoming more wise, loving and powerful (christ conscious), via exchanges in social media.

Wisdom, love and power, together in a self-activated heart, is christ consciousness.

Christ consciousness is not the same as christianity… they are similar in name, and a few points but in their essences they are different.

Christ consciousness:  I am wise, powerful and loving.

Christianity:  Jesus died to take away my sins.

Of course, we all eventually come to learn that no one dies for your sins… that would be a way out to evade responsibility… and in universal terms… AS IF!

The truth is that we are each individually responsible for the upliftment of self, and to offer to uplift others.

Why would any truly evolved being, want to live in disharmony? It is not possible.

Earthlings, if you listen to music that unwise, unloving and unpowerful (lyrics that seek to control others), then basically this is like deactivating your christ conscious true nature.

It is the true nature of a human being who’s energy field radiates from the core of the heart, to live in the wisdom, love and power of self and others.

Let no words cast a spell upon thy heart… that would chain it…


Do not draw a cross upon your heart… instead replace the cross of death, with a spiral of christ conscious light.

Literally try this:  take your hands and spiral them over your heart, and program yourself, “wisdom, power and love live here… to be shared… to be nurtured… to simple, be… and so it is”…. keep doing this until you feel your radiance and sense of wisdom, power and love, increase.

Religion constrains… social media is freeing. Any religion is not truly serving you unless are able to easily let it go, and be free of it.  

Many people now use social media to become more wise, powerful and loving and to exchange with the wisdom, power and love of others.

This is why we can see a trend away from the ‘old world’ religious experience, towards social media, and people truly helping each other out a true christ conscious experience with self and others, in a real time or even, “beyond time”, format.

Yes one may choose to go to church to listen to someone speak… but face it, if you belong to several facebook groups, email lists… and visit a few websites… then the chances are… you are spiritually uplifting and being uplifted several times a day in this manner… without the filter that a priest or any third party, would provide.

The Second Coming On Facebook?

If you are a friend of someone, who demonstrates wisdom, power and love, or friends that are open to it… that would be literal christs popping up all over the world… no one has to wave a golden cross… it is in the memes, it is the pictures we share… it is in the groups we belong to… it is in the Light that we shine… in truth this is the second coming that Sananda refers to… I remind you that Sananda is Jesus from the bible, who was greatly misrepresented… he has returned to earth as Supreme Commander for Project Transition Earth and all others visitors to earth, are under his command…. allrighty…

Jesus Sananda in 1992? 

When you think of Me and wish to live My example of balance, simply ask yourself, before you utter any words or take any action, would Christ (Sananda) say or do this?  WHEN YOU ASK YOU WILL KNOW IF A THOUGHT, WORD OR DEED IS DISCORDANT. Simply ask self, how would YOU feel hearing those words from another?

I will leave you with this question: How have you made this world a better place today?

Making The World More Wise, Powerful Or Loving Via Social Media, Is Christ Consciousness In Action

So you see, maybe if you are interested in exchanging energy with other lifeforms, towards making the world a better place….then you are christ conscious…. see how this has nothing to do with religion?  Can you see why you and social media, are both very powerful, in making yourself and the world, more harmonious, and this inner drive to experience christ consciousness needs no third party to control matters… however we are all in this together… thank you for bringing your gifts of upliftment to the world in your own second coming of inner christ consciousness.

We hold the vision and are hopeful for the world, for as we can see humanity’s destructive controlling tendencies… we know in our hearts, there is ultimately an inherent drive towards christ consciousness… and as one, we walk this earth together.

Second Coming Hints

-The second coming Jesus referred to in the bible, is the second coming of christ consciousness across humanity.

-Jesus (Sananda) has returned to earth… and is appearing in physical form to some people.

-Jesus is regularly featured on a radio show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel

-Sananda has returned, not as a feeble man in sandals, instead he has returned as who he truly is… a powerful, loving and wise, Supreme Commander and brother to us all… the ultimate expression of christ consciousness… who does not want to be considered “The Christ”… please check out his extensive messages… here are a few of the latest:

Release The Hate You May Have Towards Religion Or Anyone

Love all lifeforms that seek to control you in any manner… do not deactivate your christ conscious light, by sending out any wave of unloving energy via judgments, egoic superiority complexes… do not punish yourself, for other people’s unchristlike consciousness.

The churches of the old religions are now emptying… and from those ashes, are we all rising up like phoenix from the ashes… straight up towards self-activating heaven within, and on earth… and so it is… enjoy this next phase… there may be a few major bumps… since this is a matrix, we are getting what we need to activate the entire world towards christ consciousness… all for a grand purpose and the Divine Plan.



A False Idol Is Someone Who Guides You To Be Unwise, Unpowerful, Or Unloving… And Appears Otherwise

How many of these false idols do you expose yourself to, everyday via entertainment, music, videos, radio shows, tv programs, movies, magazines, books, shows, tours and internet? If you are realistic, this will include many of your favorites.


Hatonn say this:


I did not say “Buddha” or “Jesus” or, or, or–I said “CHRIST”. “Christness” is a “state of being”, A SOUL STATE.  With this in mind we will speak of lessons and proclamations of the great “teachers” come before.  Does “Dharma” claim to be a great teacher? She doesn’t even claim to be a “teacher”.  Why, then, is there such upheaval and attention given to her?  Do “I” claim to be a “great teacher”?  No–JUST A TEACHER OF TRUTH AND KNOWER OF THE WAY.  I DO HAVE A MISSION–IN TOTAL SERVICE TO GOD OF THAT “LIGHT” OF WHICH WE HAVE JUST BEEN WRITING.

Christ proclaimed, “I am come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly–even life eternal!”

Christ never spoke of death nor did he leave any teachings by which man could be prepared to die. He taught only LIFE!  Life more abundant!  Glorious, beautiful Life!  Yes!  He taught only the principles of Eternal Life.

He revealed the straight and narrow way that leads to LIFE ETERNAL, good friends.  He explained his association with Creator (His Father and YOURS) and claimed nothing of greater power than that of which you too are capable.

He also warned continually against the “Broad Open Way” which leads to destruction and which so many enter, always by individual “choice”.  He spoke to John in Revelation about overcoming even as he overcame.  Overcame what?  DEATH!

more great message: http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/spiritual/specific_channelings/el_morya/news.php?q=1451925862


The Direction Of Anything From “Self Help”, Empowerment, Learning Your Lessons, Heart Enriching Social Circles, Are All Headed In The Same Direction Towards Eternal Christ Conscious Life

Many have judgments against the word, “christ”… that they may not even realize they have been activiating the christ within, all along.

Okay to summarize, there are non-religious christ conscious people popping up all over the world, and they are replacing third party limiting mind constructs, with a self-activated heartfelt spiritual awakening.  Helpful posts, sharing helpful articles, inspirational videos and so on and so forth, is based on inherent inner desire to overcome death, towards eternal christ light.  It is strongly demonstrated in all our social media circles, that people are activating the wisdom, power and love within, and that they are helping others to do so.  We are all souls who are ultimately seeking to know thyself, and why it is here on earth at this magnificent time in galactic history, as we learn to have wise, power and loving rhythmic balanced exchanges with all lifeforms. 

Indian in the machine

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