08 January 2016

Galactic Federation Of Light Commander Possibly Experiencing Abuse In African Earth Jail… Lightworkers, Send “Dazzling White Light”

Galactic Federation Of Light Commander Possibly Experiencing Abuse In African Earth Jail… Lightworkers, Send “Dazzling White Light”

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek a Galactic Federation Of Light Commander is now in an african prison on issues of a technicality of some sort.

From Anne of Hollow Earth Network (thanks Anne, for your dazzling efforts!):

I contacted Peg Thompson when I received the conversation between you and Garrith’s twin. Peg located Garrith in a dark prison with dark ones that have physically hurt him. Peg has placed a diamond tetrahedron, mirrored both ways, around him. She is working with the Masters – St Germain – with AA Michael – and they have found a very BIG black man – of the Light – there in the prison who will befriend Garrith and protect him. Peg and I talked for quite a while – when we hung up, the Higher Ones were still administering to Garrith – relieving his pain. As Peg said – we cannot intervene. And the prison system in that country is not of the Light. I just asked my Higher Self – and was told that we can, collectively, make the Call for Garrith – for Divine Intervention. Again, it must come from us, here in this dimension. WE must initiate the Call. I believe I saw 555 FB followers now, for Garrith. It would take this Collective – followers of Garrith – as well as all those of HEN who were enjoying his wisdom. We would have to let them all know what has occurred. I will ask. We need to all make our Collective Call. You could handle Facebook followers – and I could tell our HEN Family. I think that is what needs to be done. I will check with Peg and see how he is doing. With my love, Anne What a wondrous, glorious, loving day it is!




As a trusted Commander within our Light Federation, I have always, from a young age, had visitations from Et’s guiding my path into ascended mastery.  I  had always felt an urge within me of being something greater, but not really knowing what it was, as I was just a young boy growing up in an unaware family who didn’t know any better about life or the nature of the reality we lived in, let alone aware of themselves. Feeling that being human was limited, as I felt more non-human than human, I didn’t quite fit in at school and within society. This  was not easy for me, as I couldn’t understand how humans behaved: seeing pain everywhere, separation of cultures and people, ego expressions of impulsive behaviors where people drink, pass out, and laugh about it the next day… people enjoying killing for entertainment, hate of others, and fear being the motivation behind most of everything. I had witnessed much trauma in my life from violence and conflict, from those around me, to include my own family.

As a non-human entity, growing up within a human family, I always knew that I was not alone. My first encounter with ET’s happened during my early childhood days, from the age of 6, in which I always had dreams I couldnt share with anyone. I had an understanding and awarenss that nobody would understand,  so I kept it to myself. These dreams were often of me being on motherships with tall beings who I spoke with telepathically, in which they often took me on tours within gigantic rooms which vibrate at different frequencies.  Many of these rooms are translucent, with a different theme to every room, in which the floor is like water with crystal pyramid vibrators that allows for each of these rooms to shift to a mood that vibrates to your frequency.




Let’s all send some dazzling white light, to Garrith and all the prisoners of the world… and that a swift resolution to all those beings who are being controlled, or who are controlling others… dazzling white light everywhere… please join in, as there is great strength in numbers, as we come together in Creator’s White Light.

In honour of Garrith’s great work for humanity, please visit his site and look around: http://www.earthascends.com/

May all beings be free

Indian in the machine

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