06 January 2016

Does Your Artificial Environment, Prematurely Age you?


Yes, it will, unless you do something about it.

If you live or work, in an artificial environment like an apartment, or an office building, it will off-gas, and in order to off-gas, this process involves taking negative ions from your environment, or body for that matter. This will slowly but surely pull you into a state of acidity, which is a weakened state for our bodies…. and acidic bodies will prematurely age. Imagine you are wearing polyester somewhere on your body, and plastic shoes… further disconnecting you from naturally earthing or grounding yourself.

If you live in an artificial environment, surrounded with chemicals and manmade surfaces, and rubbing chemicals on your body, is it not time to electrically and consciously manage your body into a disease and discomfort-free, state of being?  Become like the waterfall…. abundant in negative ions!

If You Live In An Artificial Urban Environment, You Have To Manage It’s Effect On Your Health, To Be Healthy In That Environment

If you have a high heavy metal lifestyle (eating processed foods, and living in artificial urban environments with resource extraction, factories, or power plants nearby), then you probably need stimulants to get through all your days, because the negative ions are simply not available for your upliftment.

Nature restores the negative ions… can restore negative ions through diet… ionic foot baths… and by resonating with high frequency thoughts and emotions, towards the highest state of being.


Baking soda helps restore the pH

Ionic foot baths help restore pH


You Have To Electrically Manage What You Eat, Drink, Intake And Outtake… Become Like An Electric Medicine Man

Dear hearts… there is truth in that we must electrically manage what we eat, drink, and intake… and outake… there is electric potential in food… this is easy to comprehend:   foods that are high in heavy metals will cause electrical resistance… foods that are high in alkalinity will reduce electrical resistance.  So if you are needing an upgrade… consider that you will be much more healthier if you can become more conscious of being like an electric medicine man… reflect on your intakes and outtakes from an electrical standpoint… after eating meals that are high in metals…and refined foods… does your energy sink lower?… After eating raw healthy foods or high silica, and sulfur foods, do you perceive your body getting healthier?  … and even boron for the healthy alkalinity… if you have not heard of boron for health, why not? Is it because it must not be important otherwise you would have heard about it? Or is it that boron is very very important, and that is why you haven’t heard about it?  The same goes with ionic foot baths… are they not standard maintenance for healthy communities, or even countries,  because they actually do work, or because they actually do not work?


Once you achieve an alkaline state, you will be in fine form to upgrade your body and being to the ‘next level’.

As electrical resistance is removed, you can then increase your wattage.

As you increase your wattage, you will shine brighter.

As you shine brighter, so too, shall the world shine bright with you.

Be well… connect to spirit… then connect spirit to body and senses.

Consider that you no longer need to hold the thoughtform, that you your body falls apart as you age… in truth, we can rebuild… and the desire to rebuild comes from deeper connections to the soul… so look into your own life and see if times you disconnected to your soul, that your body became more unhealthy… and as you connect with your soul, your body becomes more healthy.

Indian in the machine

I sell ionic foot bath plates, to help people achieve electrical balance.

I have some music called, “Electric Medicine Man”.

Electric Medicine Man cover art


Yes This Is For Real… Anti-Cancer, Rebuild The Body SoftDrink






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  1. Absolutely SO True,Thank you.I personally deal with it with Raw Vegan Diet,Grounding each day,Reiki And Yoga at least 10-15′ and listening/creating 432 Hz and 528 Hz music.

    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      Mmmmmm… sounds god :)…. yeah definitely amping up the raw organic fruit ratio in my diet these days…higher protein…. feeling the body regenerating.

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