31 December 2015



*image is of me drumming in calgary a few years ago… see the orbs?

GIVING THE BIGGER DREAMS MORE LIFE: Since the galactics are suggesting to us, that we dream big… I’m dreaming of some new hotspring land, for a tribal sound healing temple and spa… peace and health to all on earth… a new world financial system… flying cars and crystal cities… an immediate cleanup of toxins in the sea, air, water and soil… a few spaceship drum and potluck parties, once they land… a sky full of friendly spaceships helping humanity clean up our energy fields… hugs, moments, music and visits, with Sananda and the spaceship crews from many star nations… 3D printed crystal instruments… free energy devices all across the land… deeper connections with all lifeforms… all of this going on, as Nibiru makes a gentle passage across the sky… by that moment on earth, all humans will settle for no less than love. Feel free to give your dreams more life in the comments section. -IITM (New tribal drum song auto loads) http://www.indianinthemachine.com/


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