29 December 2015

Tribute To Light Warriors


Tribute To Light Warriors – I salute those out there, who have keep the torch of freedom lit for all… against the greatest odds imaginable… we have done it, and no criticism or denial can take that away… in this great mission that tested most of us to the limits, we persevered to bring a new era to earth… we overlayed the earth grid with the help of our many guides, with new layers of 5D and higher, with true love… when all the data said otherwise and the situation looked hopeless, we knew that our love within, would be victorious if we just kept on, and we did… this victory is now written in the hall of records for all eternity, and within the very fabric of the multiverse… let the naysayers have their nay if they still need that experience… in the spirit of celebration…my spirit says, ‘yeaaaa’! Although my being is still in repair mode from the trauma of living on a prison planet and seemingly endless attacks and willful ignorance, I have personally experienced, I know the gold in my heart knows no tarnish and that I have earned every bit of new Light in my aura. I am very tired after being at the frontlines of the biggest galactic battle ever, and am learning to trust again with a clean slate for all beings… but in my tired post-traumatic state, I can’t help but tell you how much you’ve meant to me… you kept me laughing, you eased my suffering, you lifted me up, you inspired me to keep going, and you have shown me what love is. I love you forever. -Indian in the machine http://www.indianinthemachine.com

A special thanks of eternal gratitude to Maria and James, for your financial gifts, and to anyone who has been supportive


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