17 December 2015

Galactic Federation Of Light: World Debt Cancellation, Cabal Arrests And Amnesty, Prosperity Distribution, Global First Contact Details, Inner Earth Intro. To Surface

Galactic Federation Of Light: World Debt Cancellation, Cabal Arrests And Amnesty, Prosperity Distribution, Global First Contact Details, Inner Earth Intro. To Surface

The latest message just in from Galactic Federation Of Light via Garrith (reposted below)… and these messages are so vital, because so few can imagine a world where the Light within all of us is victorious… and that is what is happening… imagine a world where the money game is revaluated… and money itself seeks to be what people focus on, when everybody has enough… imagine a ceremony where we meet the inhabitants of inner earth, who are no longer separate from our surface dimension.  Imagine, millions of ships in our atmosphere…. saying hello, as humans learn to stop shooting at them… imagine the frequencies of this planet are growing so high, in an exponential way, that war itself is no longer in any forseeable timeline.  Imagine that you, the reader, have been instrumental in creating heaven on earth, with every higher frequency thoughtform you create… it is all happening… all this and more…

It is worth noting that you too can keep up to date on manners, that go beyond the five senses… it involves opening your heart, to yourself and all lifeforms… know that the love that we are, goes way beyond what you or anyone has experienced in this lifetime, and that is true for all of us.  Imagine a world and self ruled by heart, instead of ego… that is where this is all going… even if it seems like those of ego are ‘winning’… hehe… if you are loving, then you are winning… if you cannot love then you will lose out.    – Indian in the machine

December 16 2015

6:30 AM Mtn

It is important to know that all currencies have been confirmed for a global reset and will soon be enacted for the public to know and be aware of through education programs that are set in place.  Pivotal announcements will soon be made where funds will be reimbursed and distributed to each nation of the world to restore balance and eradicate poverty within every aspect and structure of society.  These funds will also be used to allow a cancellation of any and all debt owed to the reserve bank by the people and the government’s of the world.  All debt will be declared null and void.

All the Gold that was stolen and kept in underground bunkers, kept secret by the u.s.a has been returned to its rightful owners which are the ancient Asian Royal Dragon Families. As we proceed unto signatory matters for funds to be released into every major banking institute through the central bank, this will then be made public knowledge to humanity. For now, those who are aware of such account’s will need to keep it under their discretion in terms of claiming any of the funds at local banks.  You will be assisted and issued a sufficient payment from these funds to allow for an easier life without worries or stress of money. Then, those focusing on ascension can solely focus on their spiritual growth in elevation, and healing the Earth further as she shifts more into the higher realms.

The cabal have lost all power over humanity, in which some will be contained, with some given amnesty. These cabal have attempted, by all means, to stop and block these funds from public knowledge, now being enacted to free humanity from a monetary economic system based on debt slavery. They have sprayed chemtrails in the air to poison humanity and depopulate the earth… starting a chemical nuclear biological war, also attempting in many instances to start a civil war against nations and its peoples. They have failed in all these attempts, indeed. We of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light have always been 50 steps ahead. We have planned this under the the Company of Heaven for thousands of years. We were, indeed, well prepared for just about anything they had planned in their own fall and demise.

Know that global contact with who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light will follow right after announcements of abundance and prosperity distributions through the N.E.S.A.R.A program to the global Earth community of surface humanity. We stay positioned with over 2050.000.000 star ships prepared for decloaking in this now moment. The inner Earth inhabitants will commence to reintroduce themselves to the surface world. Many accounts will be shared with humanity on this auspicious Event of the Ages where many goverments are preparing for shut down in this Now. You will notice many high profile officials being arrested; and many of them declaring resignations of seat from their positions of power, including high court judges and those of Congress. All wars in the Middle East, South and North Africa will soon cease, in effect, as all guns, military war machines, marine vessels ect will be disabled All in this Now. http://www.earthascends.com/page/491985586

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  1. Atricia Cannon

    I have recently moved into rural development housing. Plenty of space though with cost of heat have been forced to lower thermestat to 50 degrees. In the past I used wood for heating and solar for power. Frustrated with cost of conviences though close to 68 years old and too much arthritis to go back in time. Since I don’t do pharmacuticals and attempt an organic diet, there is getting lesser abilty to afford anything. Love internet thou Century Link my provider hit me with an unexpectedly high bill. So now in DEBT which have avoided all these years. Now wonder will I live to see the day I can wake with no pain and no concern for a cost of living that is beyond my means?

    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      Of course… what is required of you, is to eat cleanly and balance body acidity, to control arthritis, and then to create something beautiful. 🙂 Don’t let one bill keep you down. 🙂

      1. Atricia Cannon

        Thank YOU, continually working on PH balance, old spinal fractures; top to bottom hang me up.as too having to slow down after years of being very active. And yes do need to stop dwelling on one stupid bill !

          1. Atricia Cannon

            Will do and thanks again, I AM going to get thru this one day at a time. And am going to work on creating something beautiful, TODAY..

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