14 December 2015

Last Week Yahoo Says, No Planet X, This Week Yahoo Reports Possible Discovery Of Planetary-Sized Object At Edge Of Solar System… “A Possible Dramatic Moment That May Change Our Understanding Of Solar System, Forever”

Last Week Yahoo Says, No Planet X, This Week Yahoo Reports Possible Discovery Of Planetary-Sized Object At Edge Of Solar System… “A Possible Dramatic Moment That May Change Our Understanding Of Solar System, Forever”

As I reported, mainstream media is going into planet x mode:  “Planet X Mode” In Mainstream Media… Archangel Michael, St. Germain And Sananda Comment On Planet X, And Their Answers May Surprise You! 

Last week Yahoo said, No Planet X…

“It’s likely there is no Planet X. But the solar system is still big and still contains many mysteries.”


This Week…


…”finding even an Earth-sized body would be a dramatic moment that would change our understanding of the solar system forever….This week, two research groups submitted scientific papers claiming they’ve discovered a planet-sized object at the edge of the solar system.

And now, the mainstream media is buzzing with planet x….

Astronomers claim discovery of ‘Planet X‘ in outer solar system 

ExtremeTech-4 hours ago
The term “Planet X” has been used to refer to all manner of hypothetical and completely imaginary objects over the years (look up the Nibiru …
Astronomers Skeptical about “Planet X” Claims
Highly Cited-Scientific American-Dec 10, 2015
Have scientists found the elusive ‘Planet X‘?
In-Depth-Toronto Star-Dec 11, 2015

Story image for planet x from Yahoo Tech

This Week in Space: Planet X, Space X, and Japan’s Wayward 

Yahoo Tech-Dec 11, 2015
As we told you last month, the unlikely dream of a large “Planet X” at the far reaches of the solar system — the same dream that motivated …

Story image for planet x from Atlas Obscura

FOUND: A Star Storm And, Maybe, Planet X

Atlas Obscura-Dec 11, 2015
Planet X is, essentially, a theory explaining some of the quirks of the orbits in our solar system. These two newly found objects were observed …

Story image for planet x from Headlines & Global News

Planet X‘: Astronomers Claim To Have Discovered Elusive Planet

Headlines & Global News-Dec 12, 2015
Astronomers from Sweden and Mexico are claiming to have discovered the elusive “Planet X,” a hypothetical planet at the edge of the solar …

Story image for planet x from Express.co.uk

Shocking claim: ‘First ever images of Planet X set to wipe out life on 

Express.co.uk-Dec 2, 2015
CONSPIRACY theorists claim to have snapped the first images of a huge mystery PLANET that believe will pass so close to Earth this month …

Story image for planet x from Daily Star

Giant HIDDEN PLANET X to ‘smash into Earth THIS MONTH’

Daily Star-Dec 2, 2015
Believers linked this to Planet X – a hypothetical planet astronomers suggested could account for unexplained unusual changes in the orbits of …

Story image for planet x from Latinos Post

Mysterious ‘Planet X‘ to Destroy Earth? Doomsday Coming 

Latinos Post-Dec 6, 2015
A YouTube video first reported by The Express claimed to have recorded the first ever glimpse of Planet X. “This object is round, it is not any …

Story image for planet x from Popular Mechanics

Did These Researchers Just Find Planet X?

Popular Mechanics-Dec 9, 2015
Well, ninth planet big – and potentially bigger than Earth. … the paper, even explores the possibility that the object is a planet within that system.

Story image for planet x from EarthSky

New most distant object in solar system

EarthSky-Dec 1, 2015
More than 100 times farther from the sun than Earth, this object has been designated V774104. It’s fueling speculation about a Planet

Er, and how was your week? Change is in the air… isn’t it?

There is definitly a prolonged effort to slowly but surely, condition humanity to accept the presence of Nibiru (Planet X)… ascended masters Sananda and St. Germain have confirmed it’s existence… it is also mentioned in the bible and the Phoenix Journals… there are more videos on youtube that are recording the second sun phenomena… whether or not many are fake or real, is besides the point, that there is an eagerness to seek that something, out there, that momentarily eludes humanity for a few moments longer… no longer shall humanity on this earth, be limited to the third dimension… since humanity has been ignoring our Creator, we can expect Creator’s will, when expressed on earth, to possibly take many by surprise.

Since Nibiru plays such an important role in humanity’s destiny, this may be the moment we are all waiting for that will awaken all those who choose to live on or within this planet, into love.

If you have a theory that Nibiru does not exist, then please account in your theory, infallible proofs that demonstrate why earth has external forces on it’s magnetosphere, and the origin of the recent dramatic increase in fireballs…. regardless of your theory, get ready for what is… is humanity readying itself to meet our former Annunaki slave handers, who have since turned to the Light? Do we want to? Make a list of what you want to attract into this matrix, that will help you to create paradise on earth.  Physicality as we know it, may be yanked from under our feet, like a carpet… the magician behind the trick is Creator…. underneath the carpet is all the beauty within our potential, that our minds push away, and our hearts attract.

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