11 December 2015

Breaking News! Prepare For Decloaking Spaceships With Millions Of Beings Waving From Galactic Federation Of Light And Ashtar Command After RV And Nesara Announcements! December 2015 Update

Mother earth has asked for this process to be stepped up… and this posting is dedicated to her, for sharing her beautiful body and soul, with humans, as we learn to be good to her again.

Breaking News! Prepare For Decloaking Spaceships With Millions Of Beings Waving From Galactic Federation Of Light And Ashtar Command After RV And Nesara Announcements! December 2015 Update

This isn’t the scary aliens attack scenario that many humans falsely believe may be true… well… earthlings are actually OVER the bad parts having defeated the Archon Alliance.. but still have lingering brainwashing about scary aliens, who are loving family members that we used to hang with before this earth life… meanwhile in this earth life…  humans already regularly eat each other in the fast food and ceremonies, and food is regularly grown with their own feces and toxic waste in a zombie like state of being, while being afraid of angels, even though humans are essentially earth angels, playing out roles of duality on a planet that is turning into a star, and humanity is now exponentially waking up… strange eh? How about welcoming the friendly ones…  the ones our governments may have been trying to blow up already…. sheesh… but all that even, is moving swiftly behind us… our fullest presence as a species is needed now… no longer does living a distracted life, be seen to be desirable… it is like living your life as a car you are driving… you will have a better ride awake eh…

Our ET family are actually very very loving and the come with superior technology in all aspects of the word… their plan which is part of the DIVINE PLAN OF OUR CREATOR, involves a revaluation of world currencies, a big celebratory atmosphere across the globe… then they may appear in a mass decloaking of millions of spaceships across the globe, with beings ‘waving’ from these stationary spaceships… this is to fast track mother earth’s desire to not be drilled, fracked and bombed any longer…

This exerpt from Commander Vrillion’s vision: ”

I then saw these ships decloak in their millions, while observing the excitement this caused to Light workers and the joy exuded through this magnanimous event. Everyone stared at the sky with wonder and ecstasy in then anticipating landings to take place,  while all the ships hovered in the sky for all to see, flying stationary with many of our diverse Galactic crew of Extraterrestrials waving down on the surface to humanity, with all of humanity in calmness of what was unfolding, instead of running and screaming “Alien invasion!” in panic.

Commander Ashtar then confirmed with me, Commander Vrillon of the Galactic Command, that this was what was to follow the procceeding RV and NESARA  announcements to the world at large. This is happening behind the veil of illusion,  beyond any doubt from the mind, as the cabal has lost all power on Earth.”


As well this beautiful quote is from the same link…

Peace always comes through always grounding yourself within an open heart, without judgement, blame, complaints, persecution of others, fear, impatience, anger, frustration, and any form of separation from the mind. It is always important to consistently embrace appreciation, forgiveness, kindness, joy, empathy, compassion, understanding, humility, optimism, Oneness and unconditional love in fullness.

Through cultivating inner stillness, you are grounding all aspects of peace as one naturally harmonized expression. The more you embrace self-love, this then becomes like walking. You become peace, where all you experience and express within, is your unconditionally loving Self who you are as Source.

…do click that link eh … and see what sort of updates are provided from galactic command, and their mission along with Gaia, to raise this planet into a new plane of existence, along with as many humans as possible… all in the blink of an eye, which is a big deal in the multiverse.

I posted this a few years ago:  Prime Creator Speaks in 2013: The Ships Of The Ashtar Command Will Be Allowed To Decloak where this quote is from: ”

PRIME CREATOR: “First, you will be tested. The ships of the Ashtar Command will be allowed to decloak, making their presence known to every man, woman and child on the planet. The spontaneous response of the people of Gaia will determine the course of the coming era. Are you ready for that? Will you each sustain your Faith and be willing to embrace, once and for all, the qualities of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, Truth and Unconditional Love in all you do?

It will now be your path to be in complete command of your every thought, feeling and action, as you begin your new Golden Age. You have earned the opportunity to try for the highest timeline you can reach for.

I give you my blessings, and I lovingly pray for your triumph. Prime Creator”

So what do you feel humans…. new photons coming from galactic centre…. new money system… people being nice to each other, no longer evil for money in this reality, millions of ships with millions of hands waving… or tentacles… or whatever might be waving eh…. not everyone is going to have a human hand… ….


.. probably offering assistance before a Nibiru flyby… after all, in this matrix we’ve still got to deal with the source of all them fireballs and the source of many earth shifts in weather and more… the gamma radiation from the great central sun, continues to gently agitate everything into a more crystal harmonious form.

Imagine a world where everyone has enough and then go from there… into the unlimited new universes we travel endless from the soul. 

So we can see how important this upcoming event is… to remain calm… to be discerning… to not push away angels, because we cannot tell the difference between an angel or a demon… the human heart is a source of being all-knowing… all we gotta do us use it… often and especially when it comes to millions of high advanced beings waving at us from their spaceships!

We thank mother earth for her continued suffering via this latest and final extension of three years, and support that she must cleanse herself in the energies of our shared mutual love.

Indian in the machine


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