09 December 2015

Life Is Not About Pursuing Happiness… More Life=More Love

Life Is Not About Pursuing Happiness… More Life=More Love

Independent higher frequency thoughts may be a threat to those stuck in lower frequency doctrines… the yardstick to measure by, is truth, not what is generally thought of to be true, by egoic mass thoughtforms… stop fighting and start loving that all can change in the blink of an eye, and shall, it is what mother earth wants, and that is enough. Suddenly something may happen, that may trigger great movements on the surface… inner earth breathen are now connecting with surface humans… all surface humans will now have to be completely present to surf the love wave… those unloving may be washed into a hologram reality for more lower frequency learning… we are no longer living distant to the miracles… we are now a living miracle, a self-activated burst of stardust from the core of our heart and being, we reunite, gently nudged aside any energy that would dare stand in the way of another.  http://www.indianinthemachine.com/



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