09 December 2015

Kuthumi: December 12th Grand Awakening Of Souls, Portal, Will Quantumly Shift Illusion, In The Blink Of An Eye!

Kuthumi:  December 12th Grand Awakening Of Souls, Portal, Will Quantumly Shift Illusion, In The Blink Of An Eye!

When heaven says earth is ascending, it means it!… Waves and waves of higher frequency light, are now cascading upon earth like waves from the galactic centre… these waves one must ride, like a surfer… if you resist the Light, the wave of Light will overtake you…. in short, you will shortcircuit, you will have a malfunction… for the record, this process of walking back inwards into your own sacred divine love, is easy to do… and yet on earth, it seems so difficult, that is due to perspective… humans are used to getting thing incorrect… and have created a planetary culture that is fearful of how the rest of the universe operates and who lives out there… all that is changing in the blink of an eye… watch for those who are very evil, so suddenly become very loving… expect big changes… expect the opposite to be truth…. expect the lies to fall… expect that all can change and will whether it is acknowledged or not, in the blink of an eye… although our environment is shifting us, we also self-activate…

…listen to what Kuthumi has to say on the Grand Awakening… and thank you to those who have not given up… who have stood up and have created this quantum shift… this new crystal matrix of love…

Indian in the machine (new music  Spirit Meets West Coast Tribe)

A Message from Kuthumi – The Grand Awakening

 8 December 2015 – 2:45am |  Shariq


A Message from Kuthumi – Channeled by Shariq Mahbub on 12-7-15

Generations will look back upon this time of change that humanity is about to enter into with wonder and celebration at how much of the illusion was quantumly shifted in the “blink of an eye”, so to speak.

I, Kuthumi, honor each one of you present on the planet at this time of momentous and exciting change!

Beloveds, your incendiary, fiery nature, the one that aligns with the purity of the sacred flame of your divine soul, ever-burning, ever-radiant, ever-alighted is now further re-burnhished at this time of asension into a replenishment of light and love in form as has never been experienced before since the Fall of Consciousness.

I have said before, via our beloved channel Shariq that this time post 12-12 is a time of a magnificent “Grand Awakening” of souls.

This not only holds but expands because of YOU!

You who are reading this missive of light and love have believed and held enough of the light quotient for the heavenly realms to tip the scale into the quantum leaps that will be seen, manifested and experienced, in the “blink of an eye”, so to speak.

Stand tall in your splendour and majesty, beloveds. The royalty of your divine sacred flame is further re-burnished at this time of re-ascension into light and love.

You are already successful. Claim this truth with ease as you traverse throught the 12-12 portal.

Many blessings,

Know that you are much loved.

I am Kuthumi. And so it is.

Channeled by Shariq Mahbub

Please note that the channeling Kuthumi refers to where he explains the “Grand Awakening” and the 12-12 portal can be found on my website or at the following link:



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