08 December 2015

The purpose of life is not avoidance of suffering.


The purpose of life is not avoidance of suffering.

Avoidance  of suffering is essentially a control system.

Avoidance becomes a preoccupation  and a ruler.

A control creator of ‘realities’, fantasies.

Avoidance as a strategy doesnt really work historically or internally.

Avoidance is missing the plot.



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    I AM A APPOINTED LIGHT WORKER [by native american shaman] AND DOING THE WORK FOR BRINGING WALLS DOWN SO THE WORLD CAN CONSCIOUSLY CONNECT WITH THE CHANGES THAT ARE TAKING PLACE ON OUR PLANET….and the ones that are following soon. TIMING IS THE KEY TO IT ALL… AND NOW THE TIME HAS COME FOR US TO DO THE WORK THAT THE UNIVERSAL FATHER IS HANDING OUT TO THE ONES VOLUNTEERING TO BE LIGHT WORKERS…. [JESUS WORKERS] AS SAD AS IT MAY SEEM, THE WORLD HAS BECOME NUMB TO THE NAME OF JESUS..WHICH HAS LEFT THE CHURCHES LACKING AN ENTIRE GENERATION OF PEOPLE. THE CHURCHES ARE LOSING THEIR POPULATION AND SIGNS OF THEM NOT RECOVERING ARE OBVIOUS…. IT IS SAD BECAUSE IN THESE TROUBLED TIMES PEOPLE NOT ACCEPTING THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST WILL MAJORLY IMPACT OUR COUNTIES MORALITY FOR THE WORSE, [CRIME, MENTAL ILLNESS, ADDICTIONS]. I CAN SAY THESE THINGS BECAUSE OF BEING ON A 20 PLUS YEARS SEARCH, I FOUND WHAT I’D BEEN SEEKING, THE WHOLE TRUTH. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS PERSON JESUS WAS MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE REALIZE, AND NOT QUITE AS MUCH AS SOME MAY HAVE WISHED. SO BEING A LIGHT WORKER , JESUS GOES BY MANY NAMES, THEREFORE THE NAME/WORD LIGHT HAS BEEN SUBSTITUTED FOR THE NAME JESUS.. IT MUST COME FROM THE PERSONS HEART, THE DESIRE TO DO IT RIGHT AND ONLY RIGHT……. THE LEADERS HAVE BEEN UNCONSCIOUSLY DOING THE SAME OLD THING THAT STOPPED WORKING YEARS AGO…. IT CAN AND WILL RISE TO NEW LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS … OF ……THE PLANET IS WAITING FOR YOUR HEALING ENERGY….. with everything going to hyper drive speed i was hoping to get a group of followers together here in humboldt county to help with spreading the net to bring the people into a fix place in order to begin with the introduction to whats really going on..being behind the redwood curtain most folks are clueless here to the spiritual ascension on our planet. i know many will remain asleep. but the remoteness of the area leaves me thinking there are some who are not getting any news and information to awaken them, and if awoken they may be thinking they have gone a little wackco. i am asking what kind of time line do you figure we are looking at before our space brothers come into sight with the rides for us. i have been collecting female humans, most relatively pretty to stark raven beautiful. i know that it will be appreciated by all who are going to be aboard the crafts. i am real excited…
    love light and life WHITEWOLF

    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      I’m not sure what you mean about collecting female humans… 2016 is looking to be fairly significant to get things rolling… a process… how long it takes is all up to us, and mother earth.

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