08 December 2015

Indian Talks About His New Recording Project, Before We Were Human

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On our way into the golden age, we are embracing the healing qualities of music that help us to transcend space and time, while having fun within space and time.  Music for souls seeking spirit connections.

Indian in the machine:  Let us take a big picture together… imagine what a tiny fraction of time this earthlife has been… and step back and imagine the grandness of our existence beyond linear time… where there is a feeling of home beyond time and space.   That energy is what my new music is about… connections beyond space and time.

On tribal influences:  Music is a great way to have unity consciousness… music can now be used as a catalyst tool to connect with all lifeforms in the cosmos… the ultimate tribe.

On the special effects of Indians voice:   I recently discovered some software that pulls and twists music… I have been enjoying going over newer and older chants and then layering them upon each other… often there is an interesting power there… like somepoints, a native chant sounds like the roar of a lion, when slowed down.

The newest project, Before We Were Human: Is ongoing… new tracks will be added as they flow into our realm from the spirit world, from the source of all inspirations.

Why did Indian in the machine decide on name your price, pricing:  I decided my I wanted to take down as many walls as possible that prevent me from sharing my music with a larger audience… the ultimate transaction, for Indian  is to go beyond transaction, and into gift exchange… so any music send to Indian via supporters, is received as a gift and is given as a gift.  For those who have seek to support Indians mission to share accelerated ascension updates via www.indianinthemachine.com, it is easy to send a money gift, simply by choosing which music you would like, and name your price.  Bandcamp accepts paypal and credit cards.


Drums in the new project:  Indian continues to develop his magical trance drumming to be a different experience in recorded form as compared to live drumming… we can expect native chanting, shamanic drumming, mixed in any which way, beyond shape and form and yet playing with shape and form… a few ballads.. and ambient tribal rhythms in the spirit of ascension and ancestral exploration.

What other qualities can we expect from the new music:  Indian enjoys creating artforms, that have an effect, that goes beyond the five senses… so if you enjoy music that takes you on journeys… that has magical qualities… and that is connecting to the soul…. keep checking in and to Before We Were Human at Bandcamp and see what will be added…. Salu to all you soul explorers out there, guiding the way Om!



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