08 December 2015

Galactic Federation Of Light: Party On Mothership With 144,000 Lightworkers And Extraterrestrials

 There has been much talk of the 144,000 souls who came from all over the multiverse, to incarnate as a human, to help humanity during this crucial time.  Those 144,000 beings are now ending on part of their assignment… and will go to the ships for their upgrades… some will return to earth, and some may choose not to… others may even choose to leave their bodies, having completed their earth human mission, and no longer have a need for a body.

There has been talk in a few channelings, about the 2nd wave of ascension…stepping into more leadership roles… to assist the 3rd and final wave that would follow.   After the 3rd wave, the opportunity to ascend to higher frequencies in this body, will be over.    All of this taking place on the most dense planet ever, as it turns into a star;  lifeforms remaining on earth are therefore going through a very important mutation process, as the masses are guided to destroy themselves in competitive and unloving moments… those humans who do not feel separate or superior or inferior, will turn to love and only love, and will unite with all lifeforms throughout the multiverse.  What we are living now is the ever-increasing separation of conscious humans, and unconscious humans… two planetary environments, one of which is mother Gaia mutating into a 5D and above, star…. and ther other planetary environment which is a hologram planet, for further exploration in the energies of competing with other lifeforms, and duality.

The first wave of ascension may at some point, probably after partying with extraterrestrials and getting their DNA upgraded and free of toxins, may walk again on earth…. these crystal-based human will be notably different from their coal-based forms (changes in height, age, hair colour, with a strong inner glow, and with special new human abilities)… and will be kinda like celebrities, except not false idols… pure essence that seeks no control or power over another.

See the latest Galactic Federation of Light message via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek (reposted below)… and if this all seems completely proposterous, that is fine, but if you personally are not tapped into the Divine plan of our Creator expressed through the Company of Heaven, then why not open your heart futher, and see who is who out there?

************ WHO DID YOU EXIST WITH, before you had this particular body, in the energies of pure love? Say hello to those beings, and welcome them to earth with pure love.****************** (As I wrote this, a bird chirpped outside my window). 🙂 

To the 144,000…. I salute you!  To those who have assisted the 144,000 to do their very challenging missions…. I salute you!

Indian in the machine  

December 6 2015

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

We will all have a huge ascension reunion party celebration soon on one of our motherships crystal cities. Athena, where those resonating at a high frequency are all invited, all 144.000 crew members will be present along with other extraterrestrials from all over the multiverse who will be celebrating this long and unprecedented event of ages. The party will continue into the higher realms with humanity’s ascension graduation as Galactic hue~man`s. This will indeed be a celebration of celebrations where we will celebrate untill all is liberated.

A time approaches where we will all meet. It is a time of unity, serendipity, without accidents, as the word implies, but more discoveries with the intention to be discovered, and experienced in fullness, joy and love for life… and all that exists and reunion between distant relatives as we are all family.

You will all be pleased and over joyed with the work you are doing to raise the vibrations of the Earth and leading humanity as guardians of light out of the darkness of separation. The light is ever increasing more. This is most amazing to observe from space. You are all beacons being filled with luminous radiant light. Your efforts are successful. Keep going.

source http://www.earthascends.com/page/491919616

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