08 December 2015

Commander Vrillion Of Galactic Command: RV, NESARA Announcements, Then Mass Decloaking Of Millions Of Spaceships

1977 broadcasst from Vrillon image: http://misteroufo.blogspot.com/2015/02/1977-quando-un-messaggio-extraterrestre.html

Commander Vrillion Of Galactic Command: RV, NESARA Announcements, Then Mass Decloaking Of Millions Of Spaceships

Indian in the machine – You may remember the name Vrillion from this:

Vrillon: A Message from Ashtar Command

Apr 25, 2014 – On November 26, 1977, a television broadcast in southern Britain was interrupted by Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Command.

Well… here is Vrillion with his update on the startling processes before us… the revaluation of world currencies including Nesara, which will precede a decloaking of millions of spaceships… it is like the angels are coming out from behind the veil, beause the veil itself that keeps them away from us, is dissolving.  Here’s is Vrillion’s message below via Garrith:

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek
While meditating within a still space in the heart center I then recieved communication from Commander Ashtar sharing with me through his wisdom that as there has been an ongoing activity of clocked could ships within the atmosphere of the Earth, in which we have also decloaked many of our ships for humanity to see and be comfortable with in not seeing us as a threat, he then told me that the time for secrecy was over as Gaia has therefore asked that a global mass decloaking of ships be initiated in order to proceed with the necessary changes to completely lift her from the lower vibrations as she is now ready to ascend and that full disclosure of the Galactics be announced for everyone to see in their part of the world with all ships decloaked, in which there should no longer be any hiding from who we are of the Angelic realms of the Galactic council of the Galactic federation of light.
I then saw these ships decloak in their millions while observing the excitement this caused to light workers and the joy exuded through this magnanimous event in which everyone stared at the sky with wonder and ecstasy in then anticipating landings to take place while all the ships hovered in the sky for all to see flying stationary with many of our diverse galactic crew of Extraterrestrials waving down on the surface to humanity with all of humanity in calmness of what was unfolding instead of running and screaming alien invasion in panic.
Commander Ashtar then confirmed with me Commander Vrillon of the Galactic command that this was what was to follow in the procceeding RV and N.e.s.a.r.a announcements to the world at large in which this is happening behind the veil of illusion beyond any doubt from the mind as the cabal has lost all power on Earth.


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