07 December 2015

Victory! First And Second Waves Of Ascension Update: New “Master” Hologram Created And Now Within Everyone

Victory! First And Second Waves Of Ascension Update: New Master Hologram Created And Now Within Everyone

Indian in the machine; Just like the “100th monkey effect”… when enough humans are loving, this can create conditions for the 100th human to be more loving… and so it is… we have a new love hologram surrounding earth, and because we are one with that hologram whether we want to or not, the new love hologram is now within everyone… so we may find it in our experience that people who were once nasty, needy, and competitive, may suddenly become more loving, giving and kind… this does not mean that all will be peachykeen right away, although it could be… it means that planet earth is cleaning house…. and sometimes when you clean house, there is debris that needs to be taken care of… so do not mistaken the debris for the new reality… the debris needs to be removed… as he new reality based on love and unity, settles in… this is a huge victory for all souls, since all souls DO come from the Light and the essence of each soul is love.

A quote from the 2nd message reposted below: “These protected first wavers can exist within this world unharmed even if there is a global financial collapse or WW3! Or they can leave if they wish! The torch has now been passed to those of the second wave and those who work with the third eye.”

Now this new hologram is carried by every single individual and may be accessed by every single individual to the extent of their own ability. That means that a new tradition has been created. This concept of creating tradition is not commonly understood.

A few more energetic updates from Anarchistbanjo

Energetic Freedom For First Wave Ascenders

 5 December 2015 – 3:15pm |  anarchistbanjo

This is a difficult post to write but a very important one. The difficulty is in putting what I see into words. So please bear with me in this.

We have been told that Jesus in the act of dying placed a bit of himself in each one of us allowing all to be saved if they embraced that bit of him in their heart. How is this possible?

Jesus through his actions created a hologram and each one of us carries part of that hologram inside us. We can choose to empower it or ignore it, but every small piece of a hologram contains a fuzzy image of the entire hologram.

In like manner we create holograms of our entire world, holograms that reflect our inner voyage and it is available to others. We create master holograms through energetic circuits with our divine counterparts and sub holograms through energetic circuits with chakra soulmates, those of specific frequencies that harmonize with our own at certain chakra levels.

Our entire reality is a maze of entwined and entangled connections, like a natural sponge with passage ways that go off in all directions. The strongest holograms are those we create with divine counterparts and these master holograms contain our personal timelines, that of our divine counterparts and of Gaia and all life upon her. Each one of us has personal versions of reality that differ from everyone else’s versions.

Some times versions of reality conflict and that is where we are at right now on a global basis. But a major victory has just been won by the first wave of those ascending with Gaia’s new birth.

I call this first wave the Hydrogen types, but let’s call them Crown Chakra types instead for clarity. Everyone that has opened and developed their crown chakra is part of this first wave.

It is this first wave that channel the greatest amount of love and light from the highest and have been anchoring it through their bodies. The greater the amount of energy the more powerful the master holograms that are created. Secondary holograms must submit to these higher energy holograms or be destroyed. Old eon holograms must submit or be destroyed.

Well this first wave has been trying to unite personal holograms to create a master collective hologram and that has finally succeeded! It is a collective master hologram of Hydrogen or Crown Chakra energies and has just severed energetic connections with all the lower energies! It is now energetically independent from everything else that is going on in our world. It is self sustaining for the first time.

The battle for Gaia now shifts to the Helium level or the third eye energies. The first wavers are out of the game and required only to further their personal realities through new creation. The first wavers are able to regenerate lower level energies such as emotional energies with their own bodies and recreate lower dimensions of personal reality by themselves without energetic contact with collective Gaia energies. They have become independent of Gaia and her energy grid.

This has been a massive victory for the first wave, but there is an energetic backlash that the second wave must deal with. We can perhaps best understand this as tradition. The first wave has created a new pattern or tradition out of Crown Chakra energies or out of Hydrogen energies, the energies of Unity. This new pattern exists in the hearts of all living things waiting to be activated through each personal hologram. But the first wavers are no longer fighting at the lower levels! That battle is now passed on to the second wave and the first wave holds fast the new pattern of this collective master hologram. They are energetically severed from all the rest of humanity.

For the first waver this is a time of massive empowerment because all the energy that was spent in fighting and anchoring the lower levels can now be directed in a much smaller energetic sphere and used in a personal manner. So they might find themselves in the same physical situation, but suddenly they are much more energetically able to clear away the rubble of the past from their own personal lives. All resistance will crumble away.

The second wave, Helium wave or Third Eye Chakra wave is traditionally that of the Warrior King while the first wave belonged to the Divine Gods and Goddesses. That which the first wave was able to achieve through magic and subtlety must now be achieved through the might and courage of the Warrior.

In blunt terms social clashes are going to become much harsher as society begins to crumble. Sometimes things need to crash before they can be rebuilt. But each one of us has the new pattern available in our hearts and it will lead us through all trials and temptations. Love is and always will be the answer.


Tribute To The First Wavers

 6 December 2015 – 5:17pm |  anarchistbanjo

In my last post I struggled to find words for something that was trying to express itself, something that has recently happened within the astral planes. Now it seems there is more to be said about these first wave ascenders and what they have achieved and how things will now move forward.

The first wavers get their power by tapping cosmic energy through the crown chakra, which they have opened and developed to its full potential. They have worked tirelessly to anchor this energy within Gaia’s new energy grid. This energy is also called Unity energy or the energy of unity because we are all one and all a part of each other. There is no distinction as all are part of Source.

This energy of Unity is not consciously available to the second wavers who are opening the third eye chakra and developing it to its full potential. These second wavers make use of “Cosmic Consciousness” or direct perception of archetypal reality. This energy while still divine is a step down from Unity energy and second wavers are unable to magically reduce things to the level of unity as the first wavers did. These second wavers must work with and alter archetypal reality through the third eye center. This is a totally different type of work but just as important.

As a first waver I first tapped into the crown chakra energies back in 1991 and have been working to anchor them into the earth ever since. This has been a difficult task as I have brought them down level by level within my physical body just like so many others have done. In this process I have transmuted both my own toxic energies and also those of Gaia and humanity in general. We all have learned to transmute poisons into medicines.

But there is a limit and an end. I have worked 60-80 hour weeks most of my life at factory type work for unskilled workers. I have been just a cog in the machine like so many others that work hard for a minimal wage. This past year has seen both serious health issues develop and the loss of my weekend job. At 58 years old I am no longer able or desire working weekends to make ends meet. So I have made the conscious decision to simply let those things go which I can’t pay. Energetically this placed me from a conformer to an outlaw. Many people have or are now facing this same situation. The demands of simple living are too much for the average person to sustain and they are falling heavily into financial debt just like our nation is.

The global financial system is near the point of collapse and I can no longer support my end of things in playing this game so I have quit. Others are like me or even worse off than I am. At least I still have my weekly job with its modest pay.

So I have energetically opted out of the collective reality. Instead my focus is entirely upon my ascension reality. As a first waver I can use my ability to transform energies in a positive way. I can transmute crown chakra energies into lower level energies and create an entire reality without needing the collective lower energies that the rest of the world is struggling with. I have severed my ties with the collective world and only my energetic ties with other first wavers remains and the world we have collectively created!

The only source of energy I use is crown chakra energy which has been transformed to lower energies and is now used in the creation of a new physical reality. So all the lower level energies are available to me, but in a purified state or condition. I no longer transmute the negative energies of the collective world and they are beginning to pile up for the second wavers to deal with.

The second wavers will not be able to transmute them the way the first wavers have done and will need to interact with them physically. Something will physically need to be done to make things right. In the meantime wrong thinking humanity adds to the already huge burden that confronts those of the second wave. This is why they are known as warriors!

In conclusion all first wavers have achieved the limit of what is possible for them to do. They have prevented WW3 and prevented global financial melt down and kept things as normal as possible for as long as they could. They can’t do any more and are now energetically separated from everyone else as they collectively create a new world by transmuting crown chakra energies as I have done. They are now magically taking care of themselves and the creative work they do is for the safety of themselves and those they love.

This energetic separation is a separation from Gaia’s Unity Grid. They can remain within Gaia’s Unity Grid and indeed are welcome within it, but they have achieved the status of “non-players”. Even though they create, they don’t create karma!

These protected first wavers can exist within this world unharmed even if there is a global financial collapse or WW3! Or they can leave if they wish! The torch has now been passed to those of the second wave and those who work with the third eye.

I pay tribute to all my brothers and sisters! Well done and well met!


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  1. Very interesting. I can relate to the energy work done and yes, it certainly feels like forerunners and other ascension-ready folk will be ascending soon with Gaia. And I understand that myself and some other forerunners are / have not been used energetically for a while while second wavers have been brought up to speed through this past 1 and 1/4 years.


    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      In the phoenix journals, someone said to be on the first wave, if you did not want to ‘scorch your toesies’.

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