04 December 2015

Nibiru Is Strongly Suggested, Behind The Headlines! What Are They Trying To Tell Humanity?

Nibiru Is Strongly Suggested, Behind The Headlines! What Are They Trying To Tell Humanity?

Nibiru is a dark sun and series of planets, said to have a 3600 year orbit.  It is said by many including insiders, to be in our solar system, and is said to be coming into view for a passby, before trajectory outwards.  When this has happened in the past, it has caused havoc and destruction, due to it’s magnetic field.  Because current earth governments are so into themselves, they have failed to directly tell the truth… well, they also are wizards at the subconscious level… if you look at the recent headlines it is reasonable to see that they are trying to tell us something… notice how recent the dates are:

It just so happens, our planet is being hit with gamma radiation from the great central sun!

Binary star system precisely timed with pulsar’s gamma-rays

Phys.OrgJul 31, 2015
In the binary system, the pulsar and its companion star orbit the the common center of mass in only 4.6 hours. The companion is heated on one …
Binary star system…. WOKE UP!

Black hole awakens after 26 years

Phys.OrgNov 5, 2015
On 15 June 2015, V404 Cygni (V404 Cyg), a binary system comprising a sun-like star orbiting a black hole, woke up. A huge outburst of energy …
Black Hole Awakens After 26 Years, Lights Up Sky (VIDEO)
Science World ReportNov 5, 2015

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Binary star system… intense radiation!

Discovery of intense radio emission from a tiny binary star calls for a

Phys.OrgJun 22, 2015
A study led by researchers in the Group of Radio Astronomy of the University of Valencia has determined the mass of a tiny binary starthanks to …
They know systems of more than one sun… they are EMPHASIZING THIS.

Rare system of five stars discovered

BBC NewsJul 8, 2015
The quintuplet consists of a pair of closely linked starsbinaries – one of which has a lone companion; it is the first known system of its kind.
Astronomers make a real five-star find
Highly CitedCNETJul 8, 2015
Hinting of possible communication!

Mysterious Radio Signals From Space

Cosmology.comNov 29, 2015
The odd light curve is nothing like that of any of the exoplanets orbinary stars so far observed by the Kepler and other space telescope. Rather, as described in a …
Double sunsets and more binary star systems in the news!  Is it that close????

“Search for Double Sunsets” –The Undetected Planets of the Milky

The Daily Galaxy (blog)Jul 16, 2015
Astronomers could discover a plethora of planets around binary starsystems (stars that rotate around each other) by measuring with high …
Twin Suns May Host Earth-like Planets (VIDEO)
Science World ReportJul 16, 2015

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They want us to know about ‘Exoplanets’!

Not Exactly Tatooine: Exoplanets Found Orbiting Each Star in a

Slate Magazine (blog)Sep 9, 2015
Well, this is interesting: Astronomers looking for exoplanets—alien worlds orbiting other stars—have found a binary system (two starsorbiting …
Binary star system in the new star wars movie, which is a HEAVILY PROMOTED movie franchise?

The Binary Star System Of Luke Skywalker’s Home Planet Tatooine

Design & TrendMar 30, 2015
(Photo : Getty Images/Ethan Miller) Binary star systems, like that of Luke Skywalker’s home world Tatooine, could exist despite conventional …
Habitable Alien Planets of Binary Stars –“They May Be Hidden
The Daily Galaxy (blog)Mar 30, 2015

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Wow they just keep talking about binary star systems…. and recently too…

Study Finds a Unique Binary Star System Ravaging Space Within

Pioneer NewsMay 23, 2015
Wolf-Rayet stars are binary objects which are identifiable by their complete lack of outer hydrogen-rich sheath, which exposes their …
Bizarre Nasty Star is Being Devoured by its Companion
OpinionGizmodoMay 23, 2015

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Is this experience of a Nibiru passby, going to result in time and space warp?

Researchers Measure Space-Time Warp in Gravity of Binary Star

Sci-News.comJan 9, 2015
They can then be recycled by binary companion to live for yet another 1 billion years. If the companion to J1906+0746 is a neutronstar, it is …
Binary star system used to measure pulsar mass
The Space ReporterJan 10, 2015

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They know lots of this subject.

Many twin stars may actually be triplets

Science NowMay 11, 2015
Astronomers examined the light from nearly 14,000 eclipsing binary stars, fortuitous arrangements in which a stellar pair’s orbit is edge-on from …

Binaries, Trinaries, and More: Exploring Multiple Stars

Slate Magazine (blog)Oct 3, 2015
A large fraction of all the stars in the sky are actually multiple starsbinary, trinaries, or even more complex systems. That alone is enough to …

Story image for binary star from io9

We’ve Discovered a Binary Star System Whose Planet Is in Stable

io9Jul 3, 2014
Binary star systems are quite common. So common, in fact, that they may account for as many as 50% of all stellar systems, though more …
Discovery Expands Search for Earthlike Planets
Highly CitedOhio State UniversityJul 3, 2014

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Rogue magnetic planet behind the headlines???

Story image for binary star from Astronomy Now Online

Vagabond supernovae flung into space by binary black-hole

Astronomy Now OnlineAug 16, 2015
It’s a complicated mystery of double-star systems, merging galaxies, and … 4) After getting booted out of the galaxy, the binary starsmove even …

Story image for binary star from Astrobiology News (press release)

Dynamics and Habitability in Binary Star Systems

Astrobiology News (press release)Dec 3, 2014
Determining planetary habitability is a complex matter, as the interplay between a planet’s physical and atmospheric properties with stellar …

Story image for binary star from Astronomy Magazine

Mysterious, massive, magnetic stars

Astronomy MagazineSep 11, 2015
A cartoon of the two giant stars in the binary system. The polarity of the star’s surface magnetic field, north or south, is indicated by red and blue, …
Thanks for tuning in the sky and the grand ascension of humanity, which includes self-activating your personal quantum shift, along with the multiverse.
I personally something is going on… are they telling us the complete truth?  I believe big things may suddenly happen, but the purpose is to awaken humanity to love and not fear… join in with me and send love to Nibiru… and the Annunaki!
Okay something is up, but clearly these headlines are exaggerating matters…  love people…. love…

Story image for nibiru from Daily Star

Giant HIDDEN PLANET X to ‘smash into Earth THIS MONTH’

Daily StarDec 2, 2015
Amateur star-gazers, UFO hunters and survivalists believe a prophesied encounter between Earth and a large heavenly body known as Nibiru …

Story image for nibiru from Express.co.uk

Shocking claim: ‘First ever images of Planet X set to wipe out life on

Express.co.ukDec 2, 2015
… shift Earth’s continents and cause huge tsunamis – before the world is belted by fiery comets following in Nibiru’s wake that will see the planet …

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  1. Claire Robin

    If the world is splitting into two worlds, 3D and 5D, which would exist simultaneously (temporarily) in the same space, then both positive and negative events could occur. It’s just that people in 5D would not be impacted by the negative stuff, while people in 3D would be impacted by the negative stuff. People in 5D may witness the negative stuff before the two worlds finally separate forever. The people in 3D wouldn’t witness the positive stuff, because they can’t see the 5D world from the 3D world. People in 5D can see things in the 3D world.

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