29 November 2015

America Beacon For the World And Leading The Way To Freedom 2015+

America Beacon For the World And Leading The Way To Freedom 2015+

This is breaking news for many… for on the surface it might look otherwise.

On the surface it might look like America is falling apart… and it is.

However if you want to be truly up to date on what is truly going on, then you must have a spiritual news flash on that as well… after all, the spiritual world is where our reality is first created, before it is expressed in the physical world.

Spiritual messages from our heavenly brothers and sisters, have said it is essential for things to come down, if we are to replace it with something better.

If you were awaken enough, you may have noticed that the end of Sept. was to bring about all sorts of mayhem…. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!

Source Creator has said that we have jumped a new timeline, where a hidden dark force of humanity leads humanity off the cliff by the ears… nay nay and more more… in this new timeline, the energies that are support are those that unlimit energy rather than seek to contain it.

A country like America has gone very dark, what that means, is that there is great potential for Light.

The coming financial reset of America, will continue to lead the way for the world.

In truth, the Reptilians needed to control America because Americans are a wild bunch of free spirits.

As America awakens to the spiritual as a fundamental force in their reality, it will continue to lead the way for the world.

Watch the world help each other, to freedom… no passports… no need to carry id… just pure spirit that has energy signature.

Hey… the galactics have shut down the nuclear sites… what more proof do you need that a surrender is forthcoming…

World… send love to your captors… that is your way out of the cage… how can you claim to be a victim, when the cage door is open?

Earth used to be like a monopoly game where a few banks owned everything… as that reality crumbles, because it is no longer useful to the masses… as the masses are being blessed with a new world financial system… there shall unleash a great force of humanity blessing each other, instead of competing… this force is already in motion, and is soon to be expressed in this new timeline reality. Within each of us is a reunion with the earth tribe… we start completely fresh with collective love as a foundation of our Creator-inspired moments.  Since this is a matrix… humanity had to be trained to accept the monopoly game… and now we can change the game… what kind of game do you want to play with the world… how about the we all get along game… how about lets all share game… how about galactic embassy game…the amount of visitation in the sky now, is quite pronounced. 

Think of all those people doing this in the world and in America… connect with that namaste with everyone: https://www.google.com/search?q=yoga+americana&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=599&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiP-oqLqrbJAhXEOSYKHZFbCIMQ_AUIBygC#tbm=isch&q=yoga+group

Indian in the machine (new tribal spirit song… listen to it as you harmonize inside, with the world tribe, that includes americans, even though many horrible things are done in their name.)

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