28 November 2015

The Ultimate Slave Meat? Does Eating Chicken Make You Less Intelligent?

The Ultimate Slave Meat?  Does Eating Chicken Make You Less Intelligent?

There is a saying that you are what you eat… do we agree on that?

Well, imagine eating a bird that demonstrates low IQ… regularly consuming chicken for years… my unproven theory is that since you are what you eat, then eating a bird that is not that intelligent, may actually result in a lowered intelligence quotient.  We know that eating animals who die in fear, have that fear stored in the meat… I say, the same too would go for other qualities of the animal, like intelligence.

Can we see now why when chicken is sold to us, it is often done so, with cartoon characters:

Chickens are not known for their intelligence are they, :


In order to comprehend… imagine that our planet has just recently woken up from a failed Archon Alliance takeover attempt of our planet…. meaning that, for thousands of years, negative ETs worked behind the scenes to see that we ate the worst possible foods that would enslaves us… then it is easy to see that some of the common foods in our diet, are actually not very good for us…

And then those chicken farming practices, not exactly intelligent either… kinda birdbrained eh?

The consumption of chicken in the west, did co-relate with a dumbed down population did it not?

If you like the taste of chicken, rest assured that the food duplicators that are ET family talk about giving us, will be able to replicate chicken meat, without the torture, without harming other lifeforms, and furthermore, foods that we consume with duplicators, can be made to be healthy in ways we cannot even imagine right now.

Keeping putting unlimited love into your food supply… and if you do that and you are what you eat… can you imagine what that will do for a person?  Buk buk… I can. 🙂

Indian in the machine


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The more acid forming the food, the greater the amount of mucus secreted. Imagine a drain, clogged with human hair, dust, old soap and pieces of decaying food, all forming a sticky mass of rotting waste that cannot be removed. The medical names labeled for these diseases are diverticula, colitis, stricture, prolapsus, hemorrhoids, worms, yeast infection, chronic constipation, colon cancer and appendicitis.

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Dear indian in the machine, i follow your blog religiously, and i love most of the posts!! i’m from bangalore india. i just want to say here things are pretty hard since we’re in a lot of toxin ridden environment, would love some insights and tips to cope with this, no access to clean food/technology. also, i feel kind of alone and very impatient, although the shift might be within me, i feel i just want someone to help me out most days. i feel like one in a million lost amongst a lot of very bored souls, whom i dont detest but they just dont get me, and it’s disheartening. i have a lot of negative self talk i want to change as well.

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