28 November 2015

Gluten Intolerant, Or Poison Intolerant Or Antibiotic Intolerant? It Is Official! Wheat Is Routinely Sprayed With Cancer-causing Roundup, Preharvest

Gluten Intolerant, Or Poison Intolerant Or Antibiotic Intolerant? It Is Official!  Wheat Is Routinely Sprayed With Cancer-causing Roundup, Preharvest

Wheat… we eat… has a story to tell us….

  1.  The gluten in wheat… the sticky glue… may gum up in our digestive system if we allow it… when that happens… what do you think sticks to the sticky glue ball? How about everything? Plastic bits, heavy metals… everyday toxins…
  2. As gluten gums up your digestive system it can affect your lower three chakras… making you easier to control, and basically you become more insecure, with an imbalanced sex chakra to boot… this food source is great if you are selling insurance or religions!  Remember a good slave is someone who is insecure.
  3. By the time you process this wheat through your body, there is little overall benefit, inshort, it might take more energy from your body to deal with little glue balls, then the gluey wheat itself, provides.
  4. Roundup is routinely sprayed on crops to HELP WITH HARVEST… yeah, that is pretty dumb.. sick… and completely ignorant, that a cancer causing agent is routinely used for this.

Which of Your Foods are Sprayed with Round Up Just 3 …


Jul 14, 2015 – Monsanto’s Round Up pre-harvest spraying guide has farmers spraying crops … Canola and wheat are sprayed prior to harvest around here.

5.  Now get this… roundup kills off your bioflora, so it is actually an antibiotic… imagine your digestive system getting further messed up, because your probiotics are being killed off…. and to top it off, your ability to digest nutrients is compromised.
6.  Imagine that by eating wheat, you have now complicated your own ability to digest the other foods you eat… since those glueballs are blocking other chemical reactions.

7.  Imagine using wheat that is not pre-soaked, in your daily bread… there is phytic acid to deal with…. imagine soaking the grain, will at least neutralize harmful acids, and make that toxic bomb, easier to digest and the acids can harm your teeth…  sourdoughs are good, but not great considering the other issues surrounding wheat… at least with sourdoughs or pre-soaking you have some enzymes.

Living With Phytic Acid – Weston A Price


Mar 26, 2010 – Phytic acid in grains, nuts, seeds and beans represents a seriousa diet high in phytate-rich grains on my family members, with many health  …

How Grains Are Killing You Slowly – Wellness Mama

wellnessmama.com › Blog › Health

Grains are often considered a healthy food, but with their high content of phytic acid, anti-nutrients and lectins, they can cause severe digestive and autoimmune …

Folks… wheat is the ultimate slavefood, and it is subsidized and everywhere… I know it is hard to get away from that wheat .. but we can limit our exposure, and seek out other alternatives.  Can you see how important the truth is when it comes from food… this one little lie called wheat, can really mess up your health in so many ways, it is hard to comprehend, and it is hard to believe but true that governments do this on purpose, and the general population has such low awareness on such a common slave food.  If you are like me and you still find yourself eating it… the strategy I have come up with is to follow up on any wheat eating, with lemonade, or vinegar (vinegar dissolves glue)… my apple cider vinegar softdrink does the trick… and of course, we can see that organic oats or something organic high-fibre, has the ability to bulldoze the glue and all that sticks to it.
To our health which is our wealth!

Indian’s Lemon, Honey, Baking Soday and Molasses Health Restoration Tonic

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I enjoy adding Moringa to my lemonaid…

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