27 November 2015


The ME performs its daily duties as it pushes its way to the front of lines, to the front of traffic, to the front of everything. Then without a moments notice another doorway of tragedy opens and the ME is humbled and it falls to its knees and it turns upside down and becomes WE. The essence of ME and the essence of WE are opposite sides of the same energy. When everything is running smoothly no cosmic bumps it is a Me..Me..Me awareness. When everything is upside down it is a WE consciousness. Unite ‘WE’ must, is what the world declares vocally– but that declaration does not stick as the daily emotional weather changes. The emotional weather is flippantly cast, as seed that is cast to the wayward wind. The grass grows around ME and withers around WE. MORE http://www.lovehaswon.org/love-blogs/2015/11/26/in-times-of-confusion-and-uncertainty-the-human-heart-opens


IITM: Some are so used to avoiding responsibility of the collective, it has become a way of life itself… they expect others to do everything while they do nothing but either bitch, or silently watch you do the job, claiming their ME ME ME duties are far too important to become involved in the WE WE WE… and if you have anything to say about it, then they will attempt to discredit or destroy you, while feeling superior about it… to them, they feel they look good in this arrangement, not realizing they have just done their job in perpetuating the most ignorant species in the history of this universe. This situation now involves the entire multiverse, in waking humanity up.


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