25 November 2015

Annunaki Returned To Light, Now Returning To This Realm, To Dismantle Minion Power Structure

Annunaki Returned To Light, Now Returning To This Realm, To Dismantle Minion Power Structure

The Annunaki has since returned back to the Light. They wish to assist Earth during her time of transition from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension through providing assistance in dismantling all that they helped create and  which their minions are still carrying out. They wish to restore peace and balance back to Earth humanity under the guidance of the Galactic Spiritual Hierarchy and the Company of Heaven. This is part of why they have returned to this realm in this Now.


Indian in the machine:  Wow in the blink of an eye, everything is changing…. can you feel it… or see it ?  If not, then you are not the one creating the change… still, join in anytime.  It bears repeating, the entire multiverse is going through an ascension or upgrade, and earth is the holdout planet, therefore, there is no way to go but uuuuuuup where we belong!

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