24 November 2015

Spirit Meets West Coast Tribe (mp3)- Indian in the machine


Spirit Meets West Coast Tribe (mp3)- Indian in the machine

I am very pleased to be featuring a new track, Spirit Meets West Coast Tribe on the dial at www.indianinthemachine.com.  This was created by blending in a drum circle at wreck beach, Vancouver BC Canada, with prominent drummers in the mix, David and Stephen.  Then to add to the magic, I took some native chants and slowed them down and stretched them, and then layered them in the mix..  The result is quite mesmerizing… I am curious if you do listen, what your experience is, as this music is very shamanic in a very deep way, and I already have an idea from letting others listen, that there is magic in that mix! Feel free to share…

I dedicate this track to all free spirits and those who are accelerating your ascension… feel free to pass along with my blessings and gratitude.



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