23 November 2015

You May Feel Drained… The Same Distractions Will No Longer Work



You May Feel Drained… The Same Distractions Will No Longer Work – Things may happen to you now that have deeper meaning and the deepest resonance…

these experiences may be seeded with the energy of ‘home’, to speed up your awakening….this could be draining if this is something you have resistance to. To continue if doing so, in a reality of superficiality, where you quickly move on to the next distraction, will only cause further pain, confusion and suffering… but remember that love does not hurt, so something else is probably going on that isn’t love… look there, perhaps for the first time in this lifetime… give up all resistance to your greatness, which is who you truly are… you are home when you are ‘Om’… you can expect more experiences directed from your higher self, to you put you more in touch with you…. this is what you have been asking for… sometimes a slave does not want to leave the comforts of the prison cell… it has been like that…. heartless slavery doesn’t work, heartful freedom does.   From here on, ask yourself deeply, why would any distraction that takes you away from who you truly are, work?  Imagine a student who did no homework and it was finals time…. would that feel draining or liberating? What does feel liberating to your heart? That is what works. Ascension Acceleration http://www.indianinthemachine.com

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