23 November 2015

Lightworkers Defeat World Takeover Attempt With New Hologram, It Is Now Within Everyone!


Lightworkers Defeat World Takeover Attempt With New Master Hologram, It Is Now Within Everyone!

We are in a hologram…. and we are on a hologram planet that has a conscsiousness grid that surrounds it.  It is said via Anarchistbanjo (reposted below), that Lightworkers have successfully created a new tradition, based on a new master hologram blueprint that now surrounds our planet, and because we are living in a hologram, each piece contains the code of the master blueprint.  The implications are reality-changing… for now this means the Light is supported by the Light of the master blueprint…. instead of in the recent past, where the Light had to move against the wind of density, now the winds of Light, are at the backs of all those who create with Light… the old blueprint that was in place for thousands of years is no more….. the Light has already won.   -Indian in the machine


The Holograph as Tradition

 20 November 2015 – 12:39am |  anarchistbanjo


Many would agree that the world we live in is a holograph and not as physical as one might think. People with multi-dimensional abilities can modify and alter various sections with practice. This is common thought these days.

But what is not commonly understood is that each part of a holograph contains the entire holograph, albeit a somewhat fuzzy version of it. Said another way there is a Master Blueprint (hologram) and each one of us carries a copy of it within us.

Now this new age has been given a new Master Hologram or blue print by those Divine counterparts that have worked to create a pattern of a balanced male/female reality where both sexes stand together as true equals with the ability to experience the same world for the first time. This is a new world based upon the duality of male/female.

The interesting thing is that each individual can modify their own hologram but in doing so they encounter resistance from the master hologram. If they are successful the master hologram includes the changes they have made. In this activity we see the creation of tradition, how it is first created through heroic action and how others are influenced by it and also how others can modify it.

Gaia’s ascension is a master hologram where lightworkers have successfully struggled to create a new blueprint. They have struggled against the old hologram or pattern of the old eon energies. The success of each individual lightworker has added to the master hologram of Gaia’s ascension.

Now this new hologram is carried by every single individual and may be accessed by every single individual to the extent of their own ability. That means that a new tradition has been created. This concept of creating tradition is not commonly understood.


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  1. DeepRose

    Yes, at the hour I focused my heart chakra up and was speedily taken up-The top of my head felt blissfully cracked open! What a rush! Lighworker DeepRose

    1. Vera

      yes, that is very much work in the heart chakra, and I was feeling a expansion of the crown, with a team that is very involved in individual petals or little eddies and in the center pillar, as our chakras to be now currently a single column, but and the entire energy system

  2. David John

    Love <3 Thankyou for this crystal clear clarification! I just close my eyes, I see the new holographic realm that we have birthed without struggle. This hologram feels outdated now but if it wasn't for this game we couldn't have created the new, it was effortless, the only struggle was the old games resistance to us! The ball is rolling and gathering so much momentum!!

      1. Kiera

        Nay, Grasshopper…releasing the need to struggle in any way, is NO STRUGGLE AT ALL.

        Simply decide to change/reprogram your master hologram/blueprint Belief pattern…
        from DIFFICULT —> EASY
        And it is so.

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