23 November 2015


IN THE BLINK OF THE SELF-ACTIVATED EYE – You can love everyone including entities that want to control you, when you love yourself completely, but it does not mean you need to give away your power, condone behaviour, be mistreated, be abused, or to withhold from yourself, your trueself within the infinite state of being in the fullest presence… unless you want to, for the next learning experience towards either ascension or physical death. To eventually bless everything in self-mastery and love, is the ultimate goal, as we move from carbon DNA, to crystal DNA in the blink of the self-activated eye! Accelerate Your Ascension http://www.indianinthemachine.com


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  1. Rosalinde

    This comes a little bit to my wish with my mice. That’s right. I have mice. Cute little animals and they mess around in my house looking for food, because it’s winter and they are hungry too. What do I do? I’d love to give them food but I don’t want more mice, in fact biological mice, the health shop owner says haha:) So although I love them I have to let them starve. Let nature rule…. Weird life…

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