18 November 2015

Archangel Michael: Terror, Isis, Murder Bombings…. Humans Fall For It… Amounts To 10 Men Controlling The World


Archangel Michael: Terror, Isis, Murder Bombings…. Humans Fall For It… Amounts To 10 Men Controlling The World

Some humans are NOT paying attention… and are thus being fooled over and over again…  listen to what AAM has to say on this matter…

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  1. Maria

    I read it on Before it’s news because my computer might be too old for this article. I did not finish the whole but most of the article. I understand AAM’s concern and efforts to make himself clear.
    The ultimate problem for us is EGO. Only EGO. When you step back from something like this attack people start to blame you for being heartless. It’s almost impossible to explain your point. You might feel guilty, ashamed. You want to show that you’re not bad or heartless. We are brainwashed up till today in being ‘ good humans’ . You do that by giving, MONEY. When you refuse to give you’re selfish. Patriot Act full power. YOU ARE BAD.
    Let them talk. Be good to your fellow humans as you always do without those pathetic thoughts and goals. Research whom you’re donating. Make sure that your gift reaches your goal or keep it. There’s a lot of deception to make you give. Just be human.

  2. In 1889 the Archangel Michael evolved to the time Spirit ie. an Archai who rules the cosmic and human intelligence with Love. As an ally of Christ , the redeemer of the earth and all living and the mineral he is hoping that humanity will come to the leader of the school of Michael in the Spiritual world Dr. R. Steiners new spirituality.
    The publication of this book for the English-speaking world requires an introductory remark as dealing with Russia’s history and its connection with middle Europe – it touches in the main upon only one aspect of the European and American West. One could say that it is
    often a negative shadow or ‘double ‘ of the West that is shown in this book —- which, however, has also influenced the development of mankind in recent history. This circumstance does not alter the fact that the whole of the English – speaking West has the crucial task of leading the fifth cultural epoch, the period of the developing consciousness soul, which will run its course for another 1,500 years. It will therefore be of immense importance whether now and in the future the English –
    speaking part of humanity will use its time of spiritual leadership for helping all mankind to come to a new spirituality, or whether it will contribute to the possibility of a final fall into materialism.
    In other words, the central question is: Will the West promote a free development of human individuality or, alternatively, humanity’s entrapment in a dependent and manipulated state? The former possibility is the great task of the West for the whole of mankind.
    The second is a temptation of power which emerges from the ‘double’ of the true being of the English – speaking world, and which constitutes the biggest hindrance on the way to the realization of its true task.
    The parts of this book which deal with the present activity of this ‘double’ can help the western peoples to come to a recognition of it.
    Such recognition is in itself already the first step in the final overcoming of this disastrous, negative influence. To reiterate, the future of the whole of mankind depends on the extent to which this
    goal is realized.
    The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of
    The Holy Grail by Sergei O. Prokofieff

  3. At The Center Of All The Quarrels And Disturbances That Dominate The Human Condition Stands The Battle Of Groups And Individuals For Power. This Battle For Power Between Whole Groups Of Nations Or States Is, Beyond All Empty Phrases, The True Cause Of Every War. War Cannot Be Separated From Power Seeking; Those Who Desire To Combat War Must First Devalue The Principle Of Power – Just As, Quite Logically, The Early Christians Did. The Guise In Which The Power Principle Now Appears Is Worse Than Any It May Have Donned In The Past; For Now It Threatens The Human Soul In All Its Most Beautiful And Noble Traits. It Could Be Called The Mechanization Of Life Through The Technical And Economic Mastery Of Nature. It Is The Tragic Destiny Of Man To Forever Become The Slave Of His Own Creation Because He Is Incapable Of Calculating Their Consequences In Advance, Thus It Has Happened That Even Where He Has Used His Ingenuity And Inventiveness To Coerce The Elemental Forces Into His Service, He Has Once Again Become The Slave Of The Unforeseeable Effects They Assume Through Their Combination With The Power Principle, Modern Technology, Which Makes Human Life So Much Easier In So Many Ways, And Modern Economics, Which So Infinitely Increases Man’s Material Wealth, Having Now Become The Tools Of Modern Imperialism, Turns Against The Essential Being Of The Individual. Massed Together In A Soulless Multitude, Human Beings Are Ground Up By The Machinery Of Party Interests That Drives Today’s Civilization. The Individual Becomes A Spare Part, A Cog; He Can Hold His Own Only To The Extent To Which He Has The Strength. But The Values Of Soul Quality Established By Past Cultures Perish In The Process… At Present Such Cultural Values Survive Only In Countries Which Lie Outside The Realm Of Imperialistic Competitiveness, Or In Rural Areas And Small Towns Where There Is Still A Degree Of Leisure And Repose, Where The Demands Made On The Individual Do Not Exceed His Capacity To Fulfill Them. These Are The Indispensable Preconditions For A Harmonious Art Of Living; But They Are Sucked Under By The Murderous Maelstrom Of Excesses Prevailing At The Centers Of Modern Civilization…,
    The Karma Of Untruth. By Dr. R. Steiner

  4. Since I can recall @ the age of 2 – I knew there were things I needed to know – Always felt different – I Learned Keeping My Mouth Shut & Being Considered Solid as a Woman – Is Why & How I am Meant 2b here. Secrets r Us!

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