17 November 2015

Archangel Michael: Disclosure Is Close, And In Tandem With Revaluation, Reconstitution, And Reality Shift!

Archangel Michael:  Disclosure Is Close, And In Tandem With Revaluation, Reconstitution, And Reality Shift!

A timely question and answer via Steve, Linda and Michael:

Steve: Is there anything you wish to say publicly about the increasing visibility of the galactics and the prospects of disclosure?

AAM: Disclosure is very close and it is already underway. Understand that this is in tandem also with the reconstitution, the Revaluation, the entire shift in what you think of as the reality of everyday life on Earth.

So they are making themselves more visible in real and portrayed ways. It matters not.  What they are doing is readying the human populace for their presence in everyday life.

Not simply as a sighting. Not simply as a collective of starships gathering on the horizon. But simply in the visibility of them in the sky, on the planet, in the stores, in government, in every single way.

You have been invited to join with them in a sacred union of Gaians and Intergalactics and Galactics and so they are making sure that you are ready for that role.

more http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/11/16/archangel-michael-disclosure-in-tandem-with-reval/

It bears repeating… humanity is coming out of a Piscean age of dark control, and is moving into a new Aquarian age of ‘all light’…. along the way we are getting to the God stuff (fair financial system, new technologies, more love and no more war etc.)… instead of the stuff of permanent slavery by the Archon Alliance (who have surrendered to the light), and their stubborn and highly programmed minions who are only recently figuring out that the Light has already won… this all is taking place on a planet that is birthing into a star. Planet earth is the holdout planet in a multiverse ascension, and is of great interest to the rest of Creation… there is a conspiracy to love earth humans coming from all other lifeforms, as humans rise from being on the darkest planet in the universe, into a honoured position in Creation.

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