10 November 2015

Savoring the Unfoldment ~ Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel



Greetings, Dear Ones, how pleased we are to be in your presence today. We honour you for coming to anchor the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group, we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will experience this transmission on your internet at a later time.

What glorious times you are in! What a massive acceleration you have been experiencing on your planet. We have called this the year of discovery and you are now truly starting to feel the fruits of your labour. You are starting to feel what you have been preparing for, for so very long. You are discovering energies like never before, sensitivities like never before, abilities like never before. We understand that it can feel topsy-turvy at times but you are in such a grand phase of self discovery right now that, believe it or not, you will look back on these delightful times fondly, even if you can’t imagine that right now.

So what we would like to present to you today is a means of enhancing your enjoyment of where you have landed and the creational times that you find yourselves in, and we would like to refer to this as savoring the unfoldment.

You see, many human beings on your planet have been conditioned to rush – always rushing from one place to the next, never being fully present, always on the go go go, always trying to arrive somewhere, and always judging what is happening around them. This worked quite well for you when you had very different ideas of what success was in your lives, and it was also a means of staying very unconscious, of continuing to distract yourselves away from the truth and the glory of who you really are.

As you are enlightening and discovering more and more of the divine beings that you are, remembering your glorious selves, we are going to encourage you to begin to savor the unfoldment of your lives, of your enlightenment process, of the accelerated energies that you find yourselves in and the energies that you will be moving into, as you continue to create during this grand age of enlightenment. So let us take a moment to explore what that means.

When you savor something you become incredibly present. If you had a delicious piece of cheesecake in front of you, you could unconsciously devour it very quickly and have very little of the experience. But you could also take your time and savor each bite, allowing your brain, your entire body to have the full experience of the taste, the texture, the delicacy, the gift, the magic, the pleasure that was cheesecake.

We urge you to start to take the same approach with your life expressions. You have worked incredibly hard to get to the place that you are at in your journey. Most of you have achieved more growth through the last three years of your linear time than what you have accomplished in many lifetimes added together.

We understand when you are in accelerated movement it can be difficult to catch your breath, but when you make a conscious decision to start to savor the unfoldment, what you automatically do is you bring yourself into the present moment. You move into a space beyond time. You fully embrace the magic of the Now moment and by doing so, you are anchoring the experience of deliciousness, of presence, of joy, in your life expression.

Further, when you start to see your life expression as something to be savored and enjoyed, you completely release the idea that life is a burden or a cross to bear. By doing so, you have shifted the potentials for your tomorrows. You have anchored in an energy that can guarantee an enjoyment of anything that you are doing be it pleasure, simply sitting, creating, meditating, working, or connecting with others. Yes, even those you may find difficult, because when you choose to savor the unfoldment of something, there is an implied expectation that things are delightful, that things are wonderful, and the universe can only respond to that expectation.

When you show up with an intention of savoring the unfoldment, you are showing up in your highest alignment. You are choosing to be fully and completely present, all parts of you. You are embracing the flow. You start to see the divine perfection in everything that is going on around you, which takes you out of the judgment of whether you think the flow is moving too quickly for you or whether you think the flow is not moving at all. It allows you to experience a deep appreciation for exactly how your life is presenting to you. It is choosing to recognize the magic that abounds all around you, if only you have the eyes to see.

It is treating your life as a complete delicacy that is so precious, such a treasure to be enjoyed. It is moving you into a space of deep acceptance and through that deep acceptance you will find peace.

So let us present it to you in this way. If you have ever had a beloved child in your charge, you understand you can absolutely delight in whatever stage they are at. You can marvel at them as they figure out how to use their little fingers and hands to grasp an object, or you can enjoy as they begin to learn how to move their bodies, how to roll and how crawl, how to pull themselves up to a stand, how to walk.

When you are in the deep enjoyment of watching the unfoldment of the child, you understand that there is nothing that needs to be rushed, nor is there anything to be stalled or slowed down. You understand that it is unfolding in a way that is absolutely perfect for the child and through that assured knowingness, you can simply smile and love them unconditionally in their growth process.

So what we would like to suggest is two things. We would like you to start to use that same viewpoint towards yourselves. To love yourselves so completely, so unconditionally, that you know that you will move at whatever pace is divinely perfect for you, and thus, start to savour your own unfoldment, and finally, truly, accept yourselves as the masters that you are of your own divine path. This will allow you to finally get off your own back and start to celebrate yourself in your divinity, in your own divine process.

We also invite you to take that same principle and apply it to others. If you know with the same certainty that a child will eventually walk, that each person that you see is brilliantly moving into exactly what they are on the planet to experience, you can lose your attachment to how you think it should look and enjoy the process of their unfoldment. You will be patient and loving as you see them as completely capable and will savor the beauty of watching their process unfold.

Savoring the unfoldment also allows you to demonstrate your complete faith and trust in the universe. That your highest self, your guides, your masters, your angels, the entire universe is unfolding in a way that is divinely perfect for all involved. You will stop looking out for things that are wrong, and simply unconditionally love it all as it is. Dear Ones, hear us when we say that these are the times that you have been waiting and hoping to experience for millennia.

If you were waiting to attend a show, a very special show that you had ringside seats for, you wouldn’t want it to hurry up and be over. You would be so thrilled to be there that you would be absorbing the entire experience and cherishing it and treasuring it. Those are the exact times that you are in right now. The entire universe is watching for that very reason.

You are the honoured ones. You are the ground crew that volunteered to come and make the exact changes that you are creating so brilliantly. Do not wish yourselves through these amazing times, Dear Ones! Just as a child grows and experiences some growing pains, they are long forgotten in no time. Do not obsess over your discomfort, over your ascension symptoms. Rather, see them as proof that there is deep, profound, lasting change happening both within yourselves and on your planet.

You are both the stars of the show and the audience, and none of it could happen without you. That is why you are so honoured, so cherished, so loved beyond measure for all that you do, and all that you will continue to do. Enjoy these times, Dear Ones, they are truly meant to be savored. That is what we wished to share with you today. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Facebook: Trinity Esoterics
Twitter: @trinityesoteric
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/trinityesoterics

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  1. Lucinda

    I feel an urgent need to publish the following (which I wrote) on the most popular websites for Ascension. Will you consider publishing my letter? I am not a channeler. I am a career computer programmer/analyst/project manager with a Bachelor of Science in computer science. I wrote this in a simple, easy to understand way, so as not to lose anyone.

    Urgent! Reboot Yourselves!

    Prime Creator created the first universe by writing the code for a spherical design. Every being could choose whatever level one wished to enjoy, experience, and explore within the Sphere. No one was above or below another. Nor, in competition or judgement of another. And each had the power to create one’s fondest desires. All was bliss and ecstasy.

    Prime Creator wrote simple Laws of Creation, i.e. Freewill, that must be obeyed, lest the universe would eventually self-destruct, in the same way a string of malware will replicate and eventually crash a computer. Picture the Cosmos as a sentient calculus computer, inputting energy and outputting every possible outcome. In the beginning the Code was pure and perfect, supporting the spherical design and Laws of Creation.

    Unbeknownst to Prime Creator, Who trusted His beloved first tier universe builders, and honored their Freewill, one of them deliberately and secretly slipped in malware that began replicating and changing the Code from sphere to pyramid. This newly birthed pyramid universe expanded, replicated and divided into multi-verses. About one third or more of all the universes became a pyramid design, with a controlled hierarchy of overlords and slaves.

    The creator of this pyramid universe is called “alternate”. Alternate knew these universes would eventually fail, and hastened the crash by relentlessly demanding unspeakable atrocities to be committed against Prime Creator’s beloved humans.

    Alternate despises all of its creations and is using reptilians, satanists, etc., to expeditiously bring our universe to the brink of destruction. Why? To force Divine Intervention, which puts Prime Creator in a vulnerable position, like luring an army on a rescue mission into a trap….a battle to end all battles. Alternate knows the rescued humans will infect the Pure universes with the malware, replicating and spreading with great speed.

    Prime Creator has had an easy, fail-proof plan all along. He downloaded a pure version of the Code into each of us which deletes the malware and replaces it with the Divine Spherical Code. Imagine a sphere (you) ascending (software migrating) easily and perfectly into a higher sphere filled with bliss and ecstasy. This Code ensures Ascension without a glitch.

    But there is one thing WE must do. We must reboot to install!

    How do we reboot?! Ask yourself: Can I accept a universe where I am not better (richer, smarter, better looking) than another? And, where no one is better than me? Can I accept myself and ALL others for who we are, with no judgement? Can I love and accept the reptilians, archons, cabal satanists, etc.? If yes, consider yourself rebooted.

    Alternate is counting on us hating and fearing the above listed and demanding for them to be punished (read pyramid malware), so that we cannot ascend. All is at stake with the coming disclosure. Will you rage with revenge or love unconditionally? Malware will not be allowed to infect the pure, blissful universes.

    Will you reboot so Father can bring you Home?


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