06 May 2015

Indian’s Health MEGALINKS! Get Healthier, Beverages, Foods, Uncommon Sense!!!!

Indian’s Health MEGALINKS! Cure Cancer Or Simply Get Healthier, With Beverages, Foods, And Uncommon Sense!!!!

Hey, we’re all an eternal work in progress… I hope these links can assist you, to make these moments, the best ever!

There is much more useful info., at my ionic foot bath plates page. 

Love, Indian

Why They Didn’t Tell Us? A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy!



A Mineral Rich Soft Drink That Helps To Build And Strengthen The Body

Step by Step Sourdough Anti-Cancer For Everything Spelt Bread recipe

Dead Man Provides Simple Cancer Cure And Warns Humanity Against Hospitals, Spirit Energy Warns Humanity Of Vaccines, Says They Block The Soul!

Miracle $.99 Simple Everyday Body Paste For Detox, Radiation, Chemtrails, Cancer, Low Energy, And Candida!

THE RADIATION IN NORTH AMERICA IS NOW VERY SERIOUS, LEVELS ARE NOW SPIKING. Feel free to take two watermelons blend them with seeds and a bit of honey… drink this over 4 days or until all watermelon is gone… this will help your detox organs…

THE WORLD’S GREATEST HEALTH DRINK: Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Honey & Cinnamon

The more acid forming the food, the greater the amount of mucus secreted. Imagine a drain, clogged with human hair, dust, old soap and pieces of decaying food, all forming a sticky mass of rotting waste that cannot be removed. The medical names labeled for these diseases are diverticula, colitis, stricture, prolapsus, hemorrhoids, worms, yeast infection, chronic constipation, colon cancer and appendicitis.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is 85% Amorphous Silica!: DE can also detox the body. According to a top cancer researcher, it is also the best natural chelating product available for pulling heavy metals from the bloodstream. Many believe that the increase in the number of cases of Heavy metal poisoning has occurred in part due to mercury in vaccines, fluoridated water, deodorants with aluminum, some seafood, foil wrap, cooking in aluminum cookware, soda/energy/beer aluminum cans, and a number of other ways.


Curing Cancer with Baking Soda: What MD’s and Naturopaths Don’t Know

The RAW MASTER CLEANSE (with clay) DRINK FOR EVERYDAY – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Most Westerners Organs Are Inflammed Since Childhood: I Had An Ionic Foot Bath, And Here Is Brief Reading Of My Water

You May Feel Out Of Place, Off-Balance, Perhaps A Bit Confused And Reticent About Knowing How To Proceed, Allowing Transition and Integration to Occur, Maintaining Your Driving Force

Rub Some Baking Soda On Your Body, And Then Ooooh And Ahhhhh

My Experience With The Detox Body Paste (With added MSM)


Does Pure Water Make People Sick?

The “Blood, Pus And Starch”-Free Diet: From slave-stimulating food to soul-nurturing food

THE LIFE:DEATH RATIO: Swiss woman measures ionic foot bath water with Geiger counter for radiation, this is what she found. – Indian in the machine

How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium Residues, the Effects of Radiation, and Radioactive Contamination

LEARN THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING IN THREE MINUTES – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

A Society Of Binging Serfs, The Meaning Of Service, Vices Of The Serfs

Imagine The Fifth Element Added To World Human Health Maintenance!: Historical Angel Message On Maintaining The Human Aura


6 Responses

  1. Goran Ćaćić

    Hi, IITM,

    I enjoy your posts very much.

    But, there is one thing that bothers me greatly.

    I see that you post Kathryn May’s articles and messages. I was her ardent ‘follower’ too, all the way until she proclaimed that Obama is a ‘light-worker in disguise’, or something to that effect. Which is, to me, utter nonsense, having in mind all the proofs and facts to the contrary. Since then, I do not read her messages any more.

    I just wonder whether you too think that Obama is a good man who is temporarily, in some unfathomable way, unable to shine his light to the world? What I wanted to ask, I guess, is this: how do you reconcile K. May’s, in my opinion, totally wrong appraisal of Obama with her role as a bringer of spiritual messages from ‘the other side’?

    Something doesn’t add up here.

    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      At the soul level, we all come from the light… and yes it does not always look like it at the physical level. 🙂 Love everyone!

  2. Chuck Barnes

    Hi I have been through a great transformation since May 2015. My diet has changed no meats ” some seafood” no alcohol, sugar, caffeine. I eat more greens, veggies, corn for the life blood. I was told to pick back up the shaman staff to become stronger. I am a Earth healer by nature and was told this by a great spirit message ” the Earth is very ill, there will be great volcanic and the rifts of the earth openings” I asked who they were the best I can make is Kaskationton ? I am 1/32 Sisseton Sioux Dakota connected to Lower Yankonai Sioux Tribe Chief White Ghost son of Chief Bone Necklace now Crow Creek Reservation. Message follows ” Do you Have The Land Set a side yet?” There will be a connection with the land. Q Is that my retreat center? A Yes Those who will come will create the building to live prosperous. Q Is that in Maine? A Yes You shall also remember Costa Rica! You shall have one there too. Message at about 32:02 There is the Golden Grass to make it prosper more shall be burned with honor so that the new growth may come and the healthy grasses because they are burned with the honor and the ashes of the golden grass shall rest upon the earth and shall feed the Earth and shall give birth to new and the grasses shall be used for many things not just to eat, they shall be used for weaving and they shall be used for the rugs upon the floor of the shelter, Q Is that my sweat lodge? A Yes The rug upon the shelter is for the bounty for the circle of life from death to rebirth for the sacrificing of the waste of the people who shall sweat away the impurities, the reeds will absorb the energy the pain of the people will take the reeds up again to be burned and new reeds will be woven and laid down spread out the energy of the people who sweat who release shall not remain in the shelter it shall not go to be seeped into Mother Earth instead it shall be captured within the weaving and given and the burning takes place it shall go and it can go universally to be its greatest good there shall be non left behind. @ 45:44 The Golden Grass is going to fertilize the Earth Mother so much more tremendously because of how you will honor as it is cut to the respect of the livingness that it had and continues as it is burned that energy that you given honor to it has sustained that energy will go back into the Earth to help nurture which will create healthier in that area which will create more you continue to teach and spread that! So Shaman is very much my goal. Diet Meditation and ? Chuck

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