15 February 2015

A Mineral Rich Soft Drink That Helps To Build And Strengthen The Body – Indian in the machine

A Mineral Rich Soft Drink That Helps To Build And Strengthen The Body – Indian in the machine

Perhaps I may do a video on this, but for now the recipe you can vary to taste:

One lemon, or half a lemon for a lighter effect… peeled or not, cut up a few times for blender.

Add 1 tablespoons of molasses and one tablespoon of unpasturized honey… or to taste.

Add water to fill blender with or without ice.

Then add up to one tablespoon of baking soda… go half the amount for a lighter effect.

The results are a kamakazee for the candida, with all sorts of boosters to reclaim the body from a bunch of nameless critters, from acidity, from wasting disease… from a plugged up body on all sorts of unknown levels.

One thing I like about this tonic, is the taste… fizzzy goodness… go lighter on all the ingredients, to make it a refreshing sparkling soda. 🙂

It Is A Buffer Beverage…


Another thing that I like about this tonic, is that the lemon, honey and molasses, are a nice buffer for the baking soda.  It is challenging to consume baking soda, because without these buffers, baking soda will kill off probiotics, and possibly make your digestion go off… with the buffers, it is smooooooth.

Yeast go bye bye…

There is likely a candida dieoff… and the pH will improve all aspects of the body, while the high minerals and enzymes will clean and nourish the system… hey wanna know something even stronger… if you went for a slight jog, or aerobics, to get the lymph and blood going, the healing effect of the tonic is stronger.  🙂

A Drink That Breaks The Trance

I encourage people who may be stuck in some health issues… about 60-90% of the population….  I am guessing is leading a distracted trancelike existence, neither realizing any action on any issue is required. Get yourself to a balanced pH and break the trance.

A Mineral Rich Soft Drink That Helps To Build The Body And Break The Trance

Without full health there is no full peace… try this recipe I just described above… taste what a mineral rich softdrink made with love, tastes like… for many this will be the first time they have had a soft drink made with love and minerals, that will not rot your body and infest you with candida, but instead, it will restore you… this is big news, this drink, bigger than cokehead cola… larger than isded, grander than the aspartame after taste lingering on your metallic tongue.

Indian’s Lemon, Honey, Baking Soda and Molasses Health Restoration Tonic.

Folks… let me be clear here… we have a chance for bodily balance here in an environment, that may no longer have items in the stores… there may not soon be roads…. or runways for airplanes… etc.


This is not a martha steward kinda moment… oh hmm should I try a nice soft drink, the amusing indian on the other side made some good points… LA LA LA… hmmm… no, this is a moment, where you can break through the trance, the trance you have been in your entire life, there is no cancer, no illness and no aches with this beverage, towards full pH restoration and remineralization.

Indian in the machine

Very cool vocally chant bits on this track: https://soundcloud.com/indian-in-the-machine/ascending-voice-raw-vocal-mix-for-beats-mixing

Wen comments on the restoration tonic : well i started this on the first day you posted on BIN so i am on day 3 or 4. i have had a strange skin condition that started around 5 years ago, i have a sun allergy well at least that is what i was told but this was different and when i looked into it, it could be a verity of issues and so say even in my head but i have to say right you go through this and say it is in your head. but i digress i have noticed a change even in this short of time it is not gone but is much more bearable, i will continue to use and update you on how it goes i don’t know if i am doing this right but i make up the batch and finish it off at days end so 4 glasses a day, i figured it can’t do any harm but when the symptoms go away i will limit to a glass or two a day. thank you for this post and the post on BIN i do feel this will be a great benefit the hubby and my sone are drinking a glass a day also
Thanks again

IITM:  Thanks Wen… yes may be an immediate effect, we can expect more goodness, as we remineralize and balance pH.

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  1. Susan

    Hi there I was wondering if you have something which will reduce my sugar count I am currently on the pen for my diabetes . I drink every day honey ( raw) and cinnamon and apple cider vinegar Raw but it hasn’t lowers my sugar level at all. I also do unrefined coconut oil every day . Is there something I can do to Lower my sugar

    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      Susan I recommend you book a phone session with me, I’m sure within our time together, we can identify several blind spots.

  2. Susan

    I would have save the money up my husband is super cheap he don’t believe in holestic at all. He puts all his faith in doctors

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