10 February 2015

Indian’s Lemon, Honey, Baking Soda and Molasses Health Restoration Tonic


Enzymes… is there a relationship with energy, vitality, and the rebuilding  and maintenance of our bodies?

Enzymes… what’s your relationship with them, and your health… is it possible that those who have high enzymes in their diet, are healthier? Is it possible that those who are not in their full vitality, also have a distant relationship with enzymes? Can you build body tissue without adequate enzymes? Will you age quicker with lack of enzymes in diet? Is it possible that you cannot digest food properly without adequate enzymes, and ability to absorb minerals from food is greatly diminished?  And how are you feeling today in this year of breakthroughs on so many energetic levels?

Indian’s Lemon, Honey, Baking Soda and Molasses Health Restoration Tonic

You can improve most health situations with a drink full of cleaners and minerals… this drink can save lives, most people’s bodies are plugged up and demineralized… this drink reverses both in a gentle way.

RECIPE: Take one organic lemon *or lime or grapefruit (high in citric enzymes)… peel the waxy outer layer… put in blender… add water to full,  with honey and molasses to taste… after blending, add one 1 tsp baking soda and stir.

Over time, and quicker rather than later, this will kill off candida, rebalance pH, whiten teeth, for weight maintenance, and can be an ongoing gentle detox, as we learn how to take care of these bodies for good and forever.

A note on molasses:  Yes you will rebuild your body with molasses… imagine that when the sugar cane is processed, it is the white sugar, that is the discard, and the molasses is the value.   Sananda says humans could live rather well on dark beer and dark bread… molasses is a strong remineralization key!

Molasses will make the candida susceptible to the baking soda…. tricky and effective eh?

Make sure you use raw honey, or it may not be honey at all… tricky eh?


You will probably enjoy fresher breath as this beverage will reverse the rotting of the mouth and whatever is left in the digestive system… yeah, no more jungle mouth! Add something green for more of this effect.

Your Health Situation In 2015 May Involve Three Issues:  Lymph Flushin’, Restore Body pH, Normalize Weight

A plugged lymphatic system is a very serious situation… everything is in it, radiation, oil, smog, chemicals… backs up… in a goopy soup that is carried around, and often though of, as “fat”... but there is more lymphatic fluid in a body, than there is blood”.


Indian in the machine

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14 Responses

      1. All my honey is stored in caninng jars, the local guy I trade with puts all his in ball jars. Some jars are almost all crystallized and some have a bit of comb on the bottom. Is it OK to warm the ones with a little wax in a water bath? I love honey and have stored a bunch of local produced product but want to make sure it will be useful when needed.Your blog has been very helpful, thanks.

        1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

          Thanks Vincent, there are some sites that say the wax is good for you, but I’m not sure wax or beeswax is easy for the body to handle.

  1. Rosalinde

    Over the years I had one question about honey: how about the disappearing bees? It’s not about one place on earth, it’s everywhere. Shouldn’t we accept that honey is not for us?

  2. Lawrence

    Just a question of clarity…”Take one organic lemon *or lime or grapefruit (high in citric enzymes)… peel the waxy outer layer… put in blender”, hmmm

    this may sound strange but, do you mean to put the waxy skin into the blender or do you put the rest of the fruit except the skin into the blender?

    Thanks in adavance


    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      Take out anything that may be sprayed… it is exciting… enzymes are gonna help eat all that inside crud… I bet everything drastically improves for many and how could it not? 🙂

  3. wen

    well i started this on the first day you posted on BIN so i am on day 3 or 4. i have had a strange skin condition that started around 5 years ago, i have a sun allergy well at least that is what i was told but this was different and when i looked into it, it could be a verity of issues and so say even in my head but i have to say right you go through this and say it is in your head. but i digress i have noticed a change even in this short of time it is not gone but is much more bearable, i will continue to use and update you on how it goes i don’t know if i am doing this right but i make up the batch and finish it off at days end so 4 glasses a day, i figured it can’t do any harm but when the symptoms go away i will limit to a glass or two a day. thank you for this post and the post on BIN i do feel this will be a great benefit the hubby and my sone are drinking a glass a day also
    Thanks again

  4. Rosalinde

    ‘ this is a moment, where you can break through the trance, the trance you have been in your entire life’

    OK. Missed that important one. I surrender..

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