04 February 2015

Relay Relay Relay Sananda and Forber 2/1/15


Relay Relay Relay Sananda and Forber 2/1/15

>Sananda: This pain you have been experiencing is, as you know, from past physical and emotional Trauma. It is in your Body’s cellular memory and though you have forgiven, that forgiveness hasn’t extended to your cellular memory. This pain is in the releasing of that which is “held” in your injured places. This is enabling you to release the traumas and pain of the past.

 In order to Ascend, All must be released and forgiven.  As you all Know, your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies are all connected as a Whole you!   

When you forgive, the anger of resentment is released from your emotions, but it can remain in places in the physical body as Trapped Emotion. The emotion that is trapped within your Cell’s memories, is there, sometimes, even after you have released the experience and forgiven the person.

When you have dealt with a issue freely, move on to the next adventure awaiting your Light, Free of the past and Cleansed and in harmony with the new adventure awaiting you on your Path To The Stars.

     I am Forber. You Know Me as a Kofutu Master. I am a Healer from Atlantis and used the Healing modality called “Kofutu.”     Because Earth’s people and all Lifeforms upon Her are ascending with Her, your bodies are transforming into higher dimensional bodies.

This process can be painful at times as you release the past and its’ traumas your bodies are releasing from many lifetimes, not just this one. In order to Ascend you have to be willing to face and Transmute and then to Transcend the past. Owning everything you have lived over lifetimes.

Do remember that you are the best that you have ever been in any Lifetime because you are at the Threshold of Ascention! You are all Loved! YOU ARE ALL SOULS THAT ARE CHERISHED!  THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS impossible for you! Just Be Love, Forgive Self and others, after all, this is not an easy “school.” You are all connected! You Are All Loved!

Awaken To The Beauty Of Who You Are!

>Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Sunday, February 1, 2015 12:35 AM.

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  1. Ronald E Thorpe

    Spirit rules matter and not the other way around. If a man commits an error and is forgiven the stain does not carry over. The diamond core spirit self is perfect no matter how many layers must be peeled off to reveal the true nature. Once a soul AWAKES in this land of shadows the karmic bonds can be broken and a free spirit is able to find a pathway out. When many people are creating chaos and darkness it is true that others including the INNOCENT are affected and so innocence suffers along with the culpable. To imagine that everyone is then responsible for the darkness on a planet in that they MUST burn off others karma is not a true teaching IMO. This to me is a good way to enslave an ignorant public to the darkness created by others including off world renegades. We are able to release ourselves individually if we but knew instead of believing every supposedly high teaching to the contrary. Say one thing and enslave with the next statement and we are so gullible as to gobble it all down and take the bait. Honey on a shit sandwich. I don’t believe that was a Sananda channel because of this karmic carry over described in the message. The Sananda is a teacher of forgivness/ love which implies that no debt need be carried over. I may be unaware of a bigger picture in operation here but there it is anyway, as I see it.

    1. indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

      Thanks Ron for your heartfelt comments… look at it this way, you can be hit by a car, and you can forgive the driver, but you may still remember the incident, even if you forgive the driver… you may still be too cautious on the roads… you may still be jittery. Does this make sense? D.

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