24 December 2014

You Get “Fat” But You Eat Healthy Or Don’t Eat Much…Why?

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You Get “Fat” But You Eat Healthy Or Don’t Eat Much…Why?

You may be many who enjoy a nice warm romantic fire… who doesn’t?? But did you know that such an experience can help make you fat? *cue record screech!

Let me paint a picture… especially in the winter in Canada for those who live with a woodstove… or another drying heat source… it is a picture of how someone gets fat, from their woodstove…or other heat sources…hey maybe you live in a hot climate, it affects you too…   But most of us don’t associate the subtle and sometimes invisible DEHYDRATION, that comes along with the experience…


Many of us wake up in the morning and do NOT drink water… FIRST mistake…

Many of us may regularly consume coffee or tea in the morning, leading to further DEHYDRATION.

Perhaps in the evening, a few times a week… but generally on the weekends… at least 4 drinks may be consumed…leading to further DEHYDRATION.

Also table salt leads to DEHYDRATION.

Reverse osmosis water without minerals added will lead to DEHYDRATION.

Eating starchy foods will also lead to DEHYDRATION.

Imagine you eat a big meal, and ‘forget’ to drink lots of water… you guessed it… your body will need water to push that meal through… so eating big often = DEHYDRATION.

So imagine if you already head a dehydrating lifestyle based on food and beverage choices… AND you do not drink lots of water daily, AND, you have a wood stove…

… can you now perceive the potential for… you guessed it… CHRONIC DEHYDRATION.

So if you are chronically dehydrated, you can expect to gain weight…. but it isn’t fat storing up… it’s toxins that your body must store because it doesn’t have what is needed to flush it out…. water, and minerals (if your diet is deficient in minerals).

Look in the mirror… watch for “fat” that isn’t fat….. watch for the lymph system backing up…. watch for your health to suffer because your cells are ultimately swimming in their own waste… watch for arteries to clog… watch the heart to get stressed… and so on…

Drink lots of water… dehydration slowly kills the unsuspecting because the poisons cycle through the system over and over… this information may be important to people who feel they have trouble losing weight, or people who are prone to gaining weight, when they eat very little.

It is possible to unclog… some of our allies are baking soda, apple cider vinegar, saunas, ionic foot bath,  lymph drainage, spelt and millet… and more… If you eating wheat… you must stop that nasty habit and perhaps join the spelt revolution. Spelt is the only grain that Hatonn recommends.  Spelt has a 9000 year history on our planet, because it was and still is, healthy…

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What we want to achieve is drinking more water to a point, that the amount of water that we drink, is appropriate for the amountand quality of the food that we are eating.

Do not just drink the water… bless it, then become the blessing.

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission http://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/category/higher-health-consciousness/

Ionic foot bath plates sales.

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  1. Along those lines…

    And to add… also eating refined / processed food and other nutrient depleted food will also make those nutrient-less carbs become essentially a toxin and they too will get stored in fat until you get an excess of nutrients so your body can actually use / process the carbs.

    Also, the lymph system, unlike the blood system does not have a pump. The lymph system depends on your breathing to move the lymph. So if you are not exercising, you could at least stand to do deep breathing exercises.

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