24 December 2014

Most Westerners Organs Are Inflammed Since Childhood: I Had An Ionic Foot Bath, And Here Is Brief Reading Of My Water


Most Westerners Organs Are Inflammed Since Childhood: I Had An Ionic Foot Bath, And Here Is Brief Reading Of My Water

It has been awhile since I had an ionic foot bath… and so it was time… I was feeling it…

My health really hasn’t recovered from the time I started to give up wheat… and in Peru, living at high elevation… my weight plunged, to a point it highlighted lots of other health issues… weak bones… brittle teeth…

While I have been slowly but surely gaining weight, I’ve wanting to learn how to do it, WITHOUT inflamming foods… I’m determined to FINALLY experience what it is like to live in a non-inflammed body. If you have been eating wheat, white rice, white sugar, starch, processed foods, and any chemicals… since birth, then you too have been inflammed since birth… to add to matters didn’t the doctor slap us when we were born?

Sooooo I’ve been going pretty good on less coffee… and have been riding high on some hormone rebalancers… drinking extra water.. baking soda baths, adding diatomaceous earth to smoothies…  and adding butter to everything possible hehe… oh, and dare I share with you secret weapon for getting my stomach all nice and happy…. NO WHEAT…. AND ONLY SPELT FLOUR… wheat is poison, and spelt is the God grain, that our tummies just love….

Living in BC the ionic foot bath is awesome, for keeping those radioactive materials out of my body… and well, if truth be told, most of North America, does get radioactive California  and BC foods on our plates… that’s how much our diets are influenced by the growers of the west.


My foot bath water did reflect lot of lymph bubbling after about 30 minutes… which is showing that my lymph may be struggling with the amount of dairy I’m eating… and not enough exercise…  I do go for daily walks but I could definitely kick up the yoga and stretching some more.

The lymph is often plugged up with most of us….it is very common… especially if you do not drink lots of water… and eat lots…… not drinking enough water, while eating lots of food, is a sure way to plug up your body….think about it…

Soooo I’m learning how to gain weight, rather than lose weight, without plugging myself up… I’m kind of in a different situation where people are over weight from a plugged lymph, or from a toxic diet, or too much fat storage…

Now… if you don’t mind helping out a guy in need… please pass the spelt bread and butter?  *Spelt is high in B17 the anti-cancer vitamin and it also repairs the spleen and pancreas.


Thanks for our shared resonance…

More info on ionic foot baths, and how to order my plates at my newly updated website:




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